By Natalie Bonney @NatalieBonney

WHEN Lorenz Dries noticed a pain in his jaw while running, little did he realise that this would lead to cancer treatment and ultimately his jaw having to be amputated

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Videographer / director: Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing

Producer: Natalie Bonney, Ruby Coote

Editor: Sonia Estal

After being diagnosed with a maligned tumour in the jaw, Lorenz underwent radiotherapy but ultimately doctors told him they had to remove part of his jaw, including all bottom teeth, in order to effectively amputate. Recalling the moment he first saw himself after surgery, Lorenz said: “I remember looking in the mirror and not really recognising the person that was staring back at me.” Unable to eat anything solid and in and out of hospital for two years, Lorenz faced another massive blow when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Undergoing chemotherapy, his jaw reconstruction disintegrated, and he had to have yet more surgery. To date he has had over 30 surgeries. But rather than let his treatment and altered appearance get him down, Lorenz decided to turn his experiences into a positive. Lorenz said: “I quickly realised that whenever I would step outside, people would look at me. They would be curious; they would stare at me everywhere I go. So I was like, how can I make this work for me? How can I make cancer be the best thing that has ever happened to me?” Lorenz started a YouTube channel that followed him on his overseas travels as well as his incredible fitness journey – doctors were amazed that Lorenz would even work out while in recovery. He has since become a motivational speaker both on his own platform and now visiting schools and hospitals too. Now 32-years-old he has been dating his girlfriend for a year and the couple recently moved in together in Barcelona.