By Stephanie Stijkel

THIS plus size burlesque dancer wants to show the world that you can be a performer no matter what size you are

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Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper, James Payne

Producer: Stephanie Stijkel 

Editor: Helen Mckee


38-year-old, Wendy Sanders, AKA Ginger Snaps, has been voted “Best Burlesque Performer” four times in a row by the Austin Chronicle Readers poll. And now, the curvaceous redhead from Austin, Texas has combined her burlesque performance with sensational aerial skills, turning heads as she spins from the ceiling. Wendy told Truly: “Aerial was a big turning point for me, because I didn’t really appreciate the full capability of what my body could do, until I started putting it in the air." Wendy tries to inspire other plus size people to get involved in things that maybe they thought they couldn’t, fighting society’s double standards as she goes. “I think it’s just really crappy and a really bizarre double standard when society tells them they can’t do these things because they are fat, but then at the same time tells them to go out and get exercise,” she said. She regularly teaches others her impressive skills at Austin’s premier circus training centre, Sky Candy, where she’s the Performance Manager. Wendy added: “Don’t listen to what society tells you, just go out, have fun, try new things and I think you’ll be really amazed at all the things your body can do”.