By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

BABE Ruth and Hank Aaron are just two of the baseball stars that once graced this abandoned stadium in Texas

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The LaGrave Field was once home to the Fort Worth Cats

Due to the Fort Worth Cats baseball team filing for bankruptcy in 2014, their home stadium LaGrave Field has been left to rot for the last three years.

And in April this year, part time photographer Dax Ward felt the urge to capture the old Fort Worth landmark that has since been battered by the weather and vandalised by trespassers.

Unfortunately the team filed for bankruptcy in 2014

Dax said: “The field originally opened in the 1920s and has seen many hall of fame players suit up on the grounds.

“Now it lays derelict near downtown Fort Worth. I found an open gate and a lot of vandalism that had been done to the property.

The stadium has been abandoned for three years - since the very last game was played

“There were hundreds of old game tickets strewn on the floors from the final game, as well as a multitude of beer cans.

“There were fire extinguishers and other random objects on the field – weeds and vines growing in the seats, floods in the dugouts, broken mirrors in the bathroom and creaking metal noises everywhere.

Legends such as Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron once graced the field

“It was frozen in time.”

According to Dax, the stadium is now only visited by people who are interested in the sport and happen to be walking past.

Dax found fire extinguishers and match day tickets left on the field and in the stands

“Someone I’d contacted in an online urban exploration community suggested I visit it,” Dax said.

“I’ve photographed nearly 20 abandoned places over the past year, but never a sporting complex like this.

Besides the odd visitor here and there, the stadium remains totally abandoned

“This was a new and unique opportunity, and though it hasn’t been abandoned nearly as long as some of the other sites, it is still mysterious and piques the curiosity.

“It was a cloudy, windy and drizzly day and I was the only person in the ball park.

“Overall, I’m pleased with the results.”