By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

LEAVES and forest foliage claim abandoned motors at makeshift car graveyards

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A sea of abandoned cars that have become a bizarre part of the landscape

German photographer Dieter Klein travels the world to find vintage automobiles left to rust in leafy forests and fields.

The mysterious graveyards host a range of cars, including a rare Jaguar XK120, which, if restored, could be worth £82,000, and a fleet of vehicles used by the Allies in the Second World War.

A car owner stacked 50 cars on each other to create a sculpture in Sweden

The cars, often with doors, tires or windows missing, are parked on the forest floor as nature reclaims them.

But the sculpture contained a very rare Jaguar which would be worth thousands of pounds if restored

Dieter, 57, from Cologne, first came across a Citroen truck that had been dumped in a bush six years ago.

Seemingly camouflaged cars are stacked on top of each other

After witnessing how the foliage had grown in and around the man-made machine, Dieter was hooked and began to track down other unusual resting places.

He said: “In Belgium I came across a place with about 250 cars, untouched in a little wood.

The cars have rusted over time and the paintwork has dulled

“The place was founded by the Allies after WW2. They left these cars in a little wood, but they did not take them when they went back home.”

Other graveyards are not as rich in history but make for eerie and stunning places to explore.

The foliage has grown inside the car's engine

Dieter said: “While in many cases I cannot retrace the history of the vessels, some sites are more discernible and conspicuous than others.

“In Sweden, for instance, I visited a car yard where vehicles had been disassembled during the 1950s.

The sun sets over dozens of vintage cars

“Because the site stood a mere two miles from Norwegian border, the car parts were then taken piece-by-piece over into the neighbouring country, where the importation of whole cars was forbidden.

“The automobiles were reassembled - this was not prohibited.

Leafy graveyard: Dieter travels around the world to find the unusual resting places

“Only 30 miles from my hometown, Cologne, I discovered a special collection.

School buses are left to rust with vintage cars in Texas

“A car dealer had a funny idea. When he turned 50 in 2000 he arranged 50 cars from 1950 as a sculpture park in his garden and made a big party.

A Ford Tanus, sold between 1939 to 1949, looks worse for wear

“Some friends got really angry when they saw, for instance, an extraordinary Jaguar XK120 left alone on purpose.

“In restored condition this car could fetch $120,000 (£82,000).”