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AN ABANDONED dog who became a beloved pin up pooch thanks to a kind-hearted photographer has released a new book and calendar for his fans

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Mr. Winkle dressed as a laboratory creation

Lara Jo Regan, from Los Angeles, California posed the pint-sized pup as different characters including a scarecrow in a cornfield, a boy-scout roasting marshmallows, and a spooky ghost.

Lara Jo has been photographing Mr. Winkle for eleven years

She rescued the 5lb pup named Mr Winkle on her way home from a shoot in Bakersfield, California and he soon became her favorite muse.

The adorable pup dressed as a spooky ghost

Lara Jo said: “I discovered him while searching for a place to get coffee. Poor little thing hobbled right into my arms in the glow of the headlights.”

Lara’s series of pictures were taken over the course of eleven years at her studio in LA and different locations in California.

The punk-rock pooch poses in a scene straight from a music video

She said: “He reminded me of so many cute creatures, from earthly animals to mythical beings to inanimate objects.

“Just too much cuteness to be contained in one guise.

Mr. Winkle as a "pumpkin prince"

“Because he is so small, most of his costumes and sets had to be custom made to size.

Mr. Winkle posing as a chimney sweep

“I concocted them myself but sometimes employed the help of professionals to help put them together.

“I wanted them to have a kid-like look, as if Mr. Winkle tried to make them himself with his own paws."

Dark side: Mr. Winkle posing as the devil

Other bizarre images show the posed up pooch as the devil, a sphinx, garden gnome, and even a communist dictator.

Lara Jo even posed the pooch up as a communist dictator

“His characters definitely poke fun at pop culture now and then.

“This series shows some seasonal selections," Lara added.

Not in Kansas anymore: Mr. Winkle posed as a scarecrow in a cornfield

“He’s become quite the perennial pin-up pooch - his wall calendar is in it’s 16th year.”

Mr. Winkle's new book will feature him dressed in various costumes and scenarios

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