By Danny Baggott @dan_baggie

ROTTING trains have been left for dead in a forsaken graveyard in Bangkok

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An abandoned graveyard has been left to rot for more than 20 years

Deep in the Bang Sue district of Bangkok, Thailand, an eerie graveyard is home to a number of trains that have been abandoned for more than 20 years.

Often left secluded throughout the year, daring photographer Dax Ward visited the cemetery to capture the despondent atmosphere first-hand.

The trains are more than 50-years-old

He said: “The graveyard is about 20 years old, but the trains are much older, some of them are 50-60 years old at least.

Photographer Dax Ward recently visited the site

“I tried to imagine how these trains once looked when they were in working order and carrying passengers throughout the country.

“They were running the rails in some of Thailand’s greatest years of economic development and saw the country go through a lot of modernisation and changes.

The rust and rubble has built up over time

“I see them as a sort of window into that period of time.”

In addition to the decrepit trains on the site, there were other vehicles in decent condition - but Dax decided not to feature these in his photographic project.

Dax learnt of the graveyard through a friend on Facebook

The older trains had one or two abnormal features that Dax and his girlfriend, Mook, spotted once the images had been processed.

Dax said: “The old vehicles have the stories to tell and subsequently – the photographic appeal.

His girlfriend, Mook, noticed a bullet hole in the front window

“I didn’t really think much of it when I shot it, but afterward my girlfriend pointed out that it looked as if there was a bullet hole in one of the locomotive windows.

“This really isn’t that surprising as the area would be secluded enough to possibly go have some target practice or, more likely, just shoot at stuff while inebriated.

“It’s not well-known to tourists and it certainly isn’t near any major hotels or touristy areas of the city.”

The maintenance rooms inside the trains were flooded

A friend on Dax’s Facebook account contacted him about the deserted location and the American-born photographer could not refuse travelling down to the graveyard almost immediately.

The sun was shining, taking an edge off the dark nature of the site

“As for the location, it was very soggy,” Dax added.

“There was enough water for the fish to live in the flooded train-maintenance pits under the rails!

Dax is now planning to photograph more abandoned locations

“By capturing the smallest details of abandoned and decaying places like this, you can channel its mood in a more descriptive way.

“I am very glad my friend shared this with me as it was a fun place to shoot.”