By Tom Midlane @goldenlatrine

Everyone’s favourite age gap couple are back – and out to help a former sugar baby who fell in love with her sugar daddy

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Videographer / director: Cameron Wheeless

Producer: Tom Midlane, Biliana Grozdanova, Ruby Coote

Editor: Florence Kennard


Mindy Mikla, 28, and husband Larry, 58, have been together for seven years and happily married for three – despite their thirty year age gap. This is Mindy’s first ever trip to New York, so her and Larry take in some of the city’s iconic sights like Times Square, but also decide while in the Big Apple to reach out to another person in an age gap couple to hear about the judgment they’ve faced. The couple meet up with Gabi, 20, who met her partner Chris, 51, on a sugar baby website but then the twosome fell for one another. She seeks Larry and Mindy’s help with navigating the transition from a transactional arrangement to true love, and the other pitfalls of dating outside your age bracket. Mindy said: “Larry and I don’t have many age gap friends - actually we don’t have any age gap relationship friends at all. So we’re really excited to meet Gabi and see what she’s about. With Larry and I, especially online with my channel, people have accused me of being a gold digger when really we were two people that met and fell in love and it just happened. Whereas this couple is a little bit different. They’re in an age gap relationship like ours, but they met in a different way.” Larry and Mindy, from Florida, spend some time at a café with Gabi and then go for a walk in Central Park at dusk. After the meeting Mindy said: “I think Gabby definitely has what it takes to overcome the judgment in her relationship. I think she’s super strong. She’s an amazing, strong person.”