By Chloe Sweet @chloesweet

A 23-YEAR-OLD woman says that people are quick to assume she is a sugar baby, simply because her boyfriend is more than twice her age

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Videographer / director: Bob Reiland

Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote   

Editor: Beth Angus


Age-gap couple Zadejah Wilson, 23, and Timothy William, 55, from Ohio, have been dating for two years.

The pair met at Zadejah’s former college, where Tim was recruiting students for a marketing business he owns. 

According to Tim, their love story began when Zadejah expressed interest in "more than just a job" and invited him for a romantic dinner.

Recalling their first date, Zadejah told Barcroft TV: “We hugged and we sat down and we got along really well.

"He was wearing a black golf shirt with these pants that were way too big.”

But despite their differences in fashion sense, the couple say that their personalities were a perfect match.

Timothy told Barcroft TV: “One of the things that fascinated me about her, is that her intellect was obvious, but she hid it behind humour.

"I was pretty impressed with her as a human being right off the bat. And the fact that she's beautiful didn't hurt.”

The couple may have 32 years between them, but to Zadejah, that means nothing. She describes her partner Timothy as a “big kid”. 

They bond over their witty sense of humour, shared love of games and adventurous lifestyle - challenging the misconception that their age difference means they would be unable to share mutual interests. 


Timothy said: “Zadejah is motivated, she has a zest for life, like she wants to go do things.

“I found that the age difference really wasn't a big deal at all. People make it out to be something it most certainly isn’t.”

When out in public, Zadejah often notices people in the street staring and judging their relationship.

She said: "I've seen some people really like break their necks like, staring so hard.”

Online, she claims that people have made harsh assumptions that Tim must be a “sugar daddy” for dating somebody younger. But they both insist this is not the case.

“Sometimes it comes off as a joke, but sometimes people are really serious they're like, -‘Oh, he must be rich. He must be filthy rich.’”

Tim added: "Do you know how people ask me if I'm a sugar daddy? None. Not once. Not one time.

“At this point, she's got more money than I do by a large amount."

Timothy has five children from his previous relationship, one of whom is older than Zadejah but all maintain a close relationship with her.

As for Zadejah, some family members cannot get on board with the fact she likes older men.

She said: “It’s not anything personal against Tim.

“My dad, he won't talk about it. So I take that as a disapproval. And mostly the rest of my family is just, they're not okay with it.”

But despite the fact their relationship isn’t widely accepted by the people around them, the couple continue to celebrate their love despite the judgement from others. 

So much so, that they say marriage and children may be on the cards for the future.

The best thing about their relationship, says Zadejah, is that Timothy is “really invested” in working out their issues.

She said: “As long as we can be together we have to figure it out.”