By Rafaela Kuznec @RafaelaKuznec

DESPITE having an age gap of 37 years, Julia and Eileen have recently tied the knot and are now preparing for their first big adventure as a married couple - a trip to Eileen’s home country America

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Videographer / director: Joe Nation
Producer: Rafaela Kuznec, Ruby Coote
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The newly-wed couple travelled to Los Angeles, where 25-year-old Julia Zelg underwent Botox injections and dermal fillers in her lips and cheeks – against her wife’s wishes.

Julia told Barcroft TV: “I've been thinking of getting fillers for a while because I like changing my appearance and trying out different things.

“So, I've decided to just give it a go.

“I'm a little bit scared if it's going to hurt but I'm sure it can't be that bad, right?”

However, her 61-year-old wife Eileen De Freest said she prefers Julia’s natural look.

The political pundit said: “Initially when Julia spoke to me about injections, I thought, ‘Oh no, please don’t do that!’

“I never stopped saying that to be honest.

“But when I learn more about it, I thought, ‘Well maybe the consequences wouldn’t be so bad, maybe it's not so dangerous.’

“I think Julia is gorgeous, she has a natural beauty that doesn’t need enhancement.

“But if she wants to do this with her body then I support her in the sense that this is something she wants and it's her body.

“I'm not a fan of like big fake lips and I hope that’s not what she ends up with.

“But I'll love her to pieces anyway.”

Speaking before Julia’s injections, nurse Clara Hwang, of The Image Center in Huntington Beach, California, said that the results of the injections will be visible instantly.

Clara said: “This is Julia’s first time, so we are not going to see a huge dramatic difference.

“They are subtle differences that help bring out the features.”

After the procedure, Julia revealed she was pleased with the results and added: “It didn’t hurt much, it was pretty okay.

“I can’t wait to put lipstick on.”

Julia’s wife Eileen, who is 37 years her senior, told Julia: “You look beautiful - you feel happy and that makes me really happy.”

The couple stayed in Los Angeles for a few more days to explore the city.

After they will be flying to New York to visit Eileen’s family in her hometown.

Eileen told Barcroft TV: “I’m a New Yorker at heart but I haven’t lived there in a while.”

Julia added: “We are visiting Eileen’s family in New York but here in LA we’re pretty much just doing ‘touristy’ things.

“I’ve never been to America so Eileen is showing me around because she lived in LA a few years ago.”

Julia, a YouTuber from Brazil met Eileen on Tinder just over a year ago.

The pair flew to Julia’s home country Brazil where they met Julia’s mother – who is eight years younger than Eileen - for the very first time in December last year.

They married in the summer this year in London, where they both live together.

Previously, addressing the judgment they face as a couple, Julia said: “I think we get hate comments mostly because of the age-gap but also because we are gay and there are still a lot of homophobic people out there.”

Despite their almost 40-year gap, the pair have learnt to not let the judgement from others bother them and their romance.