By Martha Hewett @Martha-Hewett

SOME might find a 52-year-old punk rocker and a 23-year-old woman an odd pairing – but not Laura-Marie and David

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Videographer / director: Marcus Hessenberg

Producer: Martha Hewett, Ruby Coote

Editor: Sonia Estal

The pair, who live together in Wiltshire, UK, met on Facebook after Laura bought David’s record and instantly fell for his anarcho-punk charm.

Laura told Truly: “I would definitely say it was love at first sight. Love at first sound for me because I heard [David] first and loved him.”

Despite their 29-year age gap, the couple, who have been together for a year and a half, say they are blissfully happy, even in the face of judgement from family and strangers.

David said: “I did not feel uneasy about how young Laura was when I found out how old she was.

“We were in too deep to care about our ages.”

Laura and David’s love story began when Laura picked up his band’s single at a record fair.

“He was really talented, and his lyrical content was just… I thought he was great.”

After listening to the record, Laura felt compelled to track David down on Facebook and tell him how much she admired his talent.

“Initially, my aim was to compliment this guy – I didn’t think anything of a relationship,” Laura explained.

“She stalked me.” David joked.

But thankfully for Laura, the fandom was reciprocated, and the pair started getting to know one another.

“We were constantly talking all the time, David never told me how old he was, and I never told him how old I was.” Laura explained.

David said: “She only had one photo; you couldn’t tell facially how old she was.

“It didn’t cross my mind what age she was.”

Laura moved in with David in January 2019 after having a long-distance relationship.

Originally from Torpoint near Cornwall, Laura made the decision to move 140 miles away from friends and family to be with David in Wiltshire.

However, after moving in together the couple faced a tougher obstacle – having Laura’s mum’s approval.

“I decided to tell my family quite soon, I was quite nervous," Laura continued. 

“My mum goes through phases when she’s okay with our relationship and then other’s where she’s not.”

Laura believes her mum will get used to it and just needs some more time and in the meantime, the couple just try to be patient.

David explains: “It does dip in and out and sometimes I don’t know where I stand with them – I’m trying to reassure them that they shouldn’t have any reservations.”

Although the age gap is no issue for both the couple, that hasn’t stopped critics voicing their judgement online.

From ‘gold digger’ to ‘cradle snatcher’, both Laura and David have dealt with harsh comments.

Laura explains: “This is the thing about this world, they don’t like anything different.

“I genuinely love him, it’s a real relationship and we’re a real couple.”

Both Laura and David believe there is no obstacle their love can’t conquer and believe they are just like any other couple.

For David, his biggest challenge is being apart from Laura: “It’s a tiny bit challenging when you’re apart from the one you love, and I think that goes for every couple.”

“I get really sad when he goes to work,” Laura agrees.

The pair are excitedly looking forward to their future together and have decided that having children isn’t on the cards for them.

Laura said: "I’m going to sound a little bit selfish but because of the age gap, I want to spend as much time as I can with David and have the intimacy of just us two.”

Instead, the couple have settled on raising fur babies.

“We are having some cats.” David says.