By Joe Roberts @jrobertsjourno

ALCOHOLISM almost drove a man to suicide, before he sobered up and transformed himself into a ripped powerlifting model

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Filmed by: Kyle Sullivan

Producer: Joe Roberts

Editor: James Thorne

After graduating high school and winning $51,000 on the gameshow ‘Wipeout’., Kyle Sullivan, who had been drinking since the age of 14, began living a life of “non-stop partying”. His drink and drug-filled lifestyle began to concern his family, and Kyle made the move out of Los Angeles to Sonoma County in Northern California for a new start. But even after starting over, his drinking spiralled out of control. He told Barcroft Studios: “Everything about me was a lie. Since I always wanted to be drinking, I had to hide my drinking.” Kyle was twice caught for driving under the influence and almost racked up a third violation – which would have meant mandatory jail time of up to a year. After almost being caught for a third time, Kyle reflected on his constant lying and almost took his own life. But before he went through with what would have been a horrifyingly tragic act, he decided to text his fiancé, Jennaca. “I knew the one thing I’d never done is admit to myself and the rest of the world that I was an alcoholic,” he said. “So that’s what I decided to do.” After this, Kyle went cold-turkey and began transforming his physical appearance. Four years later, he has won his first powerlifting competition and started a modeling career. He said: “Part of what I have dedicated my life to now is the opposite of the lies and deceit, which is openness and honesty.”