By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

BUSTY entrepreneur Allegra Cole wants to ‘empower women’ with her new business venture - crowdsourcing for her clients to receive plastic surgery

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Videographer / director: Colin Weatherby
Producer: Danny Baggott, Ruby Coote
Editor: Sonia Estal

Women can receive financial donations by exchanging private pictures and videos of their bodies through the glamour model’s new website.

Allegra, who has a bust of 54”, juggles the demands of running a new business with the daily responsibilities that being a mother of eight children brings.

Described as a mix between a crowdfunding and dating site, the businesswoman hopes the new platform will help women ‘get their sexy back.’

Allegra, from Orange County, USA told Barcroft TV: “Essentially it’s a crowd funding service, a crowd funder online to help women who want to improve their aesthetic.

“People underestimate the power of what aesthetic can do for an emotional boost.

“It’s psychological you look better, you feel better and you treat people better because you’re just more joyous.

“It’s giving back the feeling to other women that was gifted to me.”

One of Allegra’s new clients, Mary Munoz, otherwise known as ‘M.E’, has admitted how Allegra’s support and positivity has been instrumental to her body transformation.

Mary said: “The emotional and psychological boost Allegra gives us ladies is incredible and remarkable.

“I’m so blessed to have her.”

Allegra met her second husband, Dyson Salleh, through friends and the couple have now been together for 21 years.

She says he has been incredibly supportive of her career and assists with the creative element of her social media business.

She said: “He is the best, he has been my number one fan and my biggest supporter ever.

“He helps me run my social media, he takes pictures, he edits, he does everything.”

Both enjoy Allegra’s extraordinary look and see no reason why other women shouldn’t look how they want.

Allegra says: “My husband is a feminist, he is all about women and their rights and I would consider myself a feminist, I just get to look like this and that is my power.

“My husband loves them [my breasts], I do love that super Jessica Rabbit aesthetic, that super kind of cartoonish look.

“I like extreme aesthetic and my husband likes my extreme aesthetic.”

On the topic of breast enlargement surgery, Dyson added: “When you put boobs on women nine times out of ten that will make them feel better.

“We have to work with these women that are going through a lot.

“Different relationship stages, body stages, emotional stages.

“And if you get women feeling better about themselves, more confident, they have better relationships.”

Negative comments no longer phase the powerful businesswoman after attracting attention from trolls online.

Allegra wants people to judge her on what she’s trying to achieve with the new business and not on the size of her cleavage.

She said: “I have an over-sexualised body but I have something in between my ears and I know exactly what I’m doing.

“I don’t have any time for confrontation, I’m too busy focused on my goal and the things that I want to do.

“I won’t confront people on social media, I don’t have time for it, just delete and block.”

Allegra has recently gone under the knife for the fourth time, with corrective alignment surgery and to remove scar tissue from her breasts – expanding her bust even more by adding another 500cc (half litre) to each breast.

Her full focus is now towards her new business.