By Chloe Sweet @ChloeSweet

GLAMOUR model Allegra Cole has reached 50 years old - but that hasn’t stopped her from chasing her dream to be a global sex icon as well as a successful businesswoman

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Shot By: Dyson Salleh

Producer: Chloe Sweet, James Thorne

Editor: Sonia Estal

Cole, who made headlines for her enhanced 54” bust, launched a crowdfunding service last year for women seeking breast augmentation surgery. Now, she is spending more time on her musical pursuits and will be releasing her debut album later this year. Allegra told Truly: “I think every year that I get older I just let go of a lot of things and become more free in my mind.” Hoping to inspire women of any age to embrace their true selves, Allegra also offers makeovers to women to help them feel more confident and sexy. She added: “I would love to be a sex icon, but I’m more than just a sexual icon... I think I do represent such a large group of women who are begging for a woman to represent them.”