By Mark Hodge @Mrhodgey

A FEROCIOUS eight foot alligator clamps its powerful jaws down on the hand of an experienced handler

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Videographer / Director: Jason McDonald
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Kyle Waters

Jason McDonald has a bleached soacked cotton bud inserted into his wounded hand to kill any bacteria

This dramatic footage shows gator wrestler Jason McDonald fighting to free himself after a risky trick - which involved putting his hand in the animal's mouth - went horribly wrong.

Bloody hell: Jason sits on top of the disgruntled gator after freeing his hand from its vice-like grip
Jason displays his injured hand which the 150 pound beast punctured with its razor sharp teeth

The 34-year-old was eventually released when friends and co-workers pried open the 150 pound beast's mouth with a piece of metal.

Jason, who has been volunteering at Colorado Gator Farm for 10 years, had never been bitten before.

Cool under pressure: The 34-year-old's hand is freed, thanks to a large piece of metal and a little patience

He said: “I've had many close calls before and I would still have my unbitten streak if I hadn't attempted that dangerous trick.

“I was in disbelief when it bit me and I was a little mad and disappointed in myself that I had allowed it to happen.

Gator handler Jason performing the dangerous stunt which resulted in the horrible accident
Jason's girlfriend sits on the gator's back as they try and control the angry animal

“But I've seen plenty of other people getting bit so I didn't panic at all.

“I knew I had to control the head and keep the gator from rolling or shaking its head and causing me further injury.

“The bite started to hurt a little more as we tried to put sticks in its mouth to wedge it open - every time something touched the inside of its mouth it would clamp down harder.

Jason's friends use a piece of metal to wedge open the alligator's powerful jaws

“Once we were able to pry its mouth open and my hand was free it felt numb - I had one puncture wound that was about half an inch deep and was filled up with blood.”

But Jason said that despite the ordeal, he will continue handling and treating alligators.

“At no point was I ever in shock. The worst part was when we used a cotton bud with bleach water to clean out the wound and prevent infection.

“I have no ill will towards the gator at all. I honestly have no idea why it closed its mouth and I plan on continuing to catch gators and teach my wrestling class - I just won't be doing that trick anymore.”