By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

TEEN explorer Andrej Ciesieksi went Shang-high - scaling one of the city’s tallest buildings with no safety gear

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Videographer / Director: Andrej Ciesielski
Producer: Rebecca Lewis, Chloe Browne
Editor: Ian Phillips

Andrej appears to hang from the ladder in a vertigo-inducing snap

The 18-year-old daredevil snuck out of an open window at the 333m-high Shimao International Plaza in Shanghai.

Do look down! Andrej has been climbing buildings for years around the world

Andrej, from Munich, saw his opening when cleaners left the window open - and he hid on the roof for four hours. 

But the most difficult part of the stunt was not climbing to the top of the luxury hotel  – but getting access to the roof itself.

Long way down: The skyscraper is 333m high and is one of the tales buildings in Shanghai

After ascending the spire twice during the day, Andrej tried to reach it for the third time at night. 

He said: “The hardest thing was to reach the rooftop. I tried five times to get to the top. The problem was that the door to get to the roof is normally closed and secured with an alarm.

What a view! The long climb up the tower is worth the incredible view

“But one day the rooftop door was open because some window cleaners accidentally left it open.

Andrej clambered up the tower for the third time at night

“I hid up there for four hours until they finished their work until I could start the climb.”

No safety net: The experience rooftopper doesn't use a harness

After reaching the top of the 88m spire the daredevil took out his camera to snap the vertigo-inducing view below.

Andrej had to evade the security to climb to the top

Andrej also climbs skyscrapers in Russia, Germany and Paris for a unique view of the colourful cities.

He said: “I know that not many people are able to do what I am doing so it is a very special moment for me when I climb buildings like this.

Andrej was able to see a unique view of the stunning city

“I was so happy but also a bit afraid that a security could check the rooftop and maybe catch me when I climbed down. But everything went well and I was very happy that I have all my videos and photos.

The 18-year-old has climbed a number of skyscrapers

“I’m always afraid of the police but nobody will be able to see you at a height of 333 meters. I never think about falling because I’m very careful.

“When I’m climbing I feel free and I have very special emotions of happiness. I really love traveling to travel and climbing is the best combination for me.”