By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

AN ATTENTION-SEEKING leopard cub was put in its place - after its irritated mother decided enough was enough

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The leopard and its cub were spotted walking through Kruger National Park

As the two leopards walked through Kruger National Park, the cub couldn't resist pestering its volatile parent.

The young leopard even jumped on its mother's back, causing her to bare her teeth as a warning.

Let the games begin: The leopard cub began its campaign of irritation by jumping on its mother's back

But after having her patience pushed to the brink, the mother lashed-out at her hapless offspring.

South African wildlife photographer Gerald Hinde captured the scene on one of his regular visits to the park.

The mother puts her foot down and shows the cub what's what
Enough is enough: The leopard takes a swipe at its misbehaving offspring

The 71-year-old, who lives in Johannesburg, said: "The mother had been away for six days and snarled at the cub on her return.

"She was actually leading the cub to a kill.

The adult stands up on its back legs and sends her cub flying

"Leopards will often play or fight, but sometimes this gets more vicious."

Gerald followed the two animals through the Sabi Sand Game Reserve area of the park.

The youngster submits as its parent looms over with a puffed-out chest

When the mother finally lost her temper she stood up on her hind-legs and took a heavy swipe at the cub.

The photos were taken in January of this year, but have emerged as Gerald is working on a new coffee table book of his wildlife images.