By Amanda Stringfellow @amanda_l_s

AN ARTIST creates incredible portraits of famous faces using food and trash

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Food for thought: A portrait of cartoon character Popeye created using tinned spinach

Nadia Luongo. 29, recreated iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury and Mr Bean using a variety of edible and trashed materials.

Mr. Bean: English actor Rowan Atkinson created using carefully positioned black beans
'The Lord Of The (Onion) Rings' sees a portrait of actor Elijah Wood made from tomato ketchup

From buttons and abandoned barbie heads to black beans and ketchup - each piece is crafted using a mix of mad materials.

Marvellous Beans: Acting duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill's portraits are created out of beans

Imaginative creations such as ‘Drew Berry-more’ and ‘The Lord of the Onion Rings’ combine celebrity names and film titles with their foody painting materials.

Lady and the Tramp: This iconic Disney scene is recreated out of spaghetti, tomato sauce and vegan “meatballs”

Nadia, a graduate in Biomedical Engineering from Naples, Italy, has been passionate about drawing since childhood.

'Drew BERRYmore' sees the American actress Drew Barrymore created using blackberry jam
Prize Kitty: Marie from animated film 'Aristocats' is cleverly created from spilt soy milk

Her works take between 20 minutes to an hour to create and sell for around €20 each.

Tasty: Chef Carlo Cracco created from potato crisps

Her next project will be to make food artworks inspired by Quentin Tarantino movies

Nadia said: “I’ve dedicated myself to make some celebrities portraits using trash and some useless objects: bottle caps, buttons, beads, secondhand toys, recording tapes, pieces of clothes, newspapers and so on. That's a way for me to give new life to things that would normally be thrown away.

A portrait of Italian opera singer Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari created using white sugar

"I’ve also approached food art, carving fruits and vegetables or drawing portraits with meals or drinks. I love cooking, so food art allows me to combine my passion for food and cooking with my passion for visual arts.

Dragon Ball Z character Super Saiyan's hair is made from bunches of bananas in 'Goku Supersaiyan'
A collage of iconic English singer-songwriter David Bowie made from assorted items

"My works are mainly inspired by pop-culture: I portray music, cinema, cartoons and comic icons with different materials and techniques.

Florence and the Machine: A collage of singer-songwriter Florence Welch made from junk

"I really think that art can come from anywhere and inspiration can come even from the simple things we use every day.

Singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse features bottle-tops badges and paper
A collage of iconic Queen singer-songwriter Freddie Mercury

"When we are children we can see in simple things something much more interesting, but growing up we sometimes forget how to do it. I think that art and creativity allows us to return to childhood and play using our imaginations."

Flower power: Artist Frida Kahlo made from butterflies and leaves
Guns and Roses: American rock star Axl Rose made from rose petals