By Emma Pearson @emma_pear

NO PARENT is safe from monstrous meltdowns and shockingly bad behaviour - but now the adults are having the last laugh

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Acting the innocent: Cheeky Lily smiling sweetly

Discovery Family’s ‘Babies Behaving Badly’ has captured the attention of fraught parents across America, with ratings reaching an all-time high for the channel.

Double trouble: Lily and her brother Danior can be a handful

Every parent who has bore the brunt of their child’s temper tantrum will empathise with the caregivers in the clip show – and secretly enjoy not being on the receiving end of the fracas.

Rough and tumble: Lily and Danior play fight

With videos of babies, laughing, crying and misbehaving racking up staggering amounts of hits on video sharing sites like YouTube, parents are capturing and sharing footage of their tearaway children like never before.

Let's hope the wind doesn't change...

This week’s shows includes a young rocker, Cagney, from New Jersey, who flies into a rage when he is denied the pleasure of listening to Metallica before bedtime.

Angelic? Lily and Danior play the innocents with dad, Josh, and aunt, Chelle

Another young ruffian lands herself in a spot of bother after sneaking a cow into the family home.

Young love? Piper and Fyntonn step out in matching pink bows

The action of the mini-cast is intercut with reactions from a team of five comedians.

Riding in style: Piper and Fynnton cruise along in their motorised Range Rover

Ty Barnett, Lynne Koplitz, Johanna Stein, Stephanie Blum and Joe Larson react to the shocking antics of the world’s most badly behaved babies.

Dinner for two: Piper and Fynnton romantically slurping spaghetti

Vice President of Production and Development at Discovery Family, Sarah Davies, said: “It's been our top rating non scripted show so far this year in the key demo, and the encores are playing well too.

Smart as a carrot: Dapper Fynnton strikes a pose in his dickie bow

“We love the show. It's fun and relatable, nearly every parent out there will get it.”

Partners in crime: Rachel Mae and her baby brother Stephen

Watch Babies Behaving Badly on Friday at 8pm on the Discovery Family Channel.

Metallica's biggest fan: Cagney cries after he is told he can't listen to his favourite band before bedtime
Better than a teddy bear