By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

AN ANGRY baboon chases off a cheetah that was trying to share its waterhole

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One of the baboons approaches the cheetahs

The powerful primate was rankled after four big cats approached the water source in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

The primates interrupt the cheetah's drinking session

Animal researcher Brent Stapelkamp took the photos on August 14.

He said: “I was sitting at a waterhole called Makwa and there was not a lot to see.

One of the cheetahs starts to leave the pack

“All of a sudden a troop of baboons arrived and in quick order started shouting their alarm calls.

“We followed their gaze and saw four cheetahs approaching the waterhole for a drink.

The big cat prepares to make a run for it

“I set my camera up and started taking pictures.

“The cheetahs came down for a drink and the four lined-up on the water’s edge beautifully.

The baboon sets off

“Suddenly a pair of adult male baboons arrived and after a moment of indecision one of them charged at one of the cheetahs.”

The Zimbabwean photographer watched as three of the big cats continued drinking as the baboon chased just one of them.

Fraidy cat: The frightened cheetah runs away from the baboon

Brent continued: “One of the cheetahs turned to face the incoming baboons but then as the first and largest one came skidding to a halt in the dust, her nerves broke and she ran for it.

“That was all the baboon needed and followed suit snapping at the cheetah’s heels.

The remaining cheetahs left as more baboons arrived

“The remaining cheetahs carried on drinking as the numbers of baboons increased until again their nerves gave in and they too had to run for their lives.

“Baboons have a real hatred for leopards and really have little to fear from cheetah but perhaps all those spots were just too much to ignore.”