By Mark Hodge @Mrhodgey

AN ADORABLE baby penguin loves the limelight and even poses for a selfie

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Two cute baby penguins pictured playing in Falkland's wildlife spot Bluff Cove Lagoon

These images were taken by Canadian wildlife Chantelle Stobbe, 34, who travelled to the Falkland Islands to snap the beautiful flightless birds in the wild.

A majestic King Penguin stands proudly beside a younger specimen
You looking at me? An adult and baby King Penguin posing for the camera

Bluff Cove Lagoon is a popular wildlife hot-spot and is home to thousands of Gentoo and King Penguins.

A group King Penguins, which all have distinctive orange markings, are snapped together

Getting up-close and personal with the animals proved to be an incredible experience for Chantelle.  

She said: “The adult penguins paid no attention to the people trying to capture photos of them, but the young ones were very, very curious.

A baby Gento Penguin inspects snapper Chantelle's camera

“I took out my GoPro and placed it near the ground and almost instantly a young Gentoo Penguin came to investigate.

A cuteGentoo Penguin seems enamoured with the GoPro camera which is attached to a selfie stick

“He had no fear of me at all. He just kept coming closer and closer, slowly inch by inch, to check it out.

Chantelle is overjoyed that the young bird has taken an interest in her equipment

“It was a fantastic day, I had a huge grin plastered on my face the whole time. How many people can say they've hung out with penguins, and even gotten a selfie with them?”

The fluffy baby penguin unwittingly poses for a selfie

But despite the approachable nature of some of the penguins, Chantelle had to resist the temptation to touch the birds.

The curious penguin interacts with Canadian photographer Chantelle

She said: “We were told not to go near the penguins, but if they approach us, that is ok, but not to pet them.

A beautiful penguin snapped in Bluff Cove Lagoon which is home to thousands of the flightless birds

“These penguins are 100% wild and the Falkland Islands wants to keep it that way. But it was so hard to resist reaching out and rubbing their fuzzy bellies.”