By John Balson @JJBalson

A DAREDEVIL filmed the moment he climbed a 1500-FOOT antenna without a safety rope - before base jumping from the top

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Videographer / Director: Josh Daiek
Producer: John Balson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Leap of faith: Josh Daiek somersaults from the 1500ft antenna

Josh Daiek, 32, was driving through Texas with friends when they spotted the metal tower from the road.

Going up: The 32-year-old prepares to climb the metal structure in the blazing heat

The professional skier - who has completed more than 150 base jumps - couldn't resist the opportunity to pull over and get another one under his belt.

Josh was on a road trip with friends when they spotted the antenna in the distance

Josh, from South Lake Tahoe, California, said: "I had never been to this antenna and it was my first time climbing and jumping from one.

Extreme sportsman: Josh Daiek is a professional skier, but has 150 base jumps under his belt as well

"It was a long climb up in the hot sun and gearing up at the top was nerve-racking to say the least.

Texas hold-on: Josh climed the 1500ft structure without the use of safety rope

"I was a little delirious due to lack of sleep because we had been up all night jumping elsewhere and we'd jumped out of a hot air balloon just hours before arriving at the antenna.

Aerial view: The top of the antenna revealed stunning views across Texas

"I was excited to jump, but as I counted down to zero it took an extra couple seconds to force myself over.

Moment of truth: Josh finally leaps from the 1500ft antenna and enjoys a long freefall

"It's a weird thing fighting against all your instincts.

Clear and pleasant danger: The most nerve-racking moment was putting on the parachute at the top

"But when it happened all nerves, fears and doubt dissipated. At that point it was pure focus and truly living in the moment."

Shadow dancing: The professional skier floats the remaining distance after deploying his parachute
Done and dusted: Josh parachutes to the ground following a long freefall
Summer adventure: Josh, who is a professional skier, can normally be found hitting the slopes
Freefall: It took just a matter of seconds for Josh to fall the majority of the 1500ft drop
Daredevil: As well as being a professional skier, Josh also indulges in adventure sports

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