By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

THIS horse is no one-trick pony – and could even give LeBron James a run for his money on the basketball court

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Tiny talent: Amos practices his basketball skills in front of the other horses

Thirteen year-old Amos the Wonder Horse is so named because he can shoot hoops, play the xylophone, solve puzzles, shake hands and even paint.

But it’s on the court where the miniature horse comes into his own as an equine basketball player.

Shelly Mizrahi walks with basketball playing wonder horse Amos

Owner Shelly Mizrahi found the tiny steed two years ago after responding to an advertisement on Craigslist.

The former zoo director spent a year looking for a horse she could train to host children’s parties and soon discovered Amos was a natural at the sport.

He shoots … he scores! The wonder horse dunks a ball into the hoop

After training sessions and events, Shelly treats the small stallion to a Starbucks caramel coffee or Coca-Cola Slurpee – but most of the time he is rewarded with apples and peppermints.

Now, the Wonder Horse visits schools with players of The Harlem Globetrotters to promote their anti-bullying campaign.

Slam Dunk! Amos drops the ball through the hoop

Most recently Amos visited a boy who was paralysed in a car accident and confined to a hospital bed.

Musical muzzle: the talented equine playing the xylophone

A huge basketball fan, the boy was thrilled to have Amos appear at his bedside and bring him a special Harlem Globetrotters autographed basketball.

Amos honing his basketball skills in a Harlem Globetrotters jersey

Shelly said: "He put his head right up to the child’s bed and stood with him. And that was the most inspiring moment I’ve had with Amos.

“We just want to bring smiles to as many people as we can, wherever we go.”