By Mark Hodge @Mrhodgey

AN ADORABLE baby beaver clearly doesn't give a DAM as she rubs herself dry after enjoying a hot bath

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Videographer / Director: Wildlife Hotline

Producer: Nick Johnson

Editor: Sonia Estal

The bucktoothed baby beaver devours some broccoli

The cute bucktoothed rodent, named River, is a resident at Bi-State Wildlife Hotline which rescues young animals in Missouri, USA.

And the two-month-old is enjoying her surroundings, with regular meals and even space to for a quick dip.

The two month old rubs itself down after being washed

The team at Wildlife Hotline are experts in treating vulnerable animals which have been separated from their mothers.

Lunch time: the rescued beaver tucks into some healthy food

And because of their heroic efforts, hundreds of orphaned creatures have been rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

I'll have the salad: River snacks on some lettuce

River has been given a warm and cosy bed to sleep in and round the clock specialist care, ensuring that she will eventually be fit and healthy enough to face the world again.

Nap time - River gets some well earned rest
A staff member at Wildlife Hotline holding the beautiful baby beaver

Angel Wintrode, founder of Bi-State Wildlife Hotline, said: “A fisherman found River alone on a bank and called us to check her out.

Take me to the RIVER and wash me down - the cute beaver has a wash in a sink

“She couldn't have been more than a few days old and her home must have been washed away in severe storms which had happened that week.

Getting some shut eye - River having a rest in his cosy bed

“When she first arrived, she was bottle fed every five hours, and swam five times a day.

“Now she lives in a huge outdoor enclosure with an in ground pool, lots of water and fruit and vegetables.

Frankly, I don't give a DAM - the cute baby beaver relaxes after a nice swim

“River will stay with us for three years as that is the age when beavers move out of the family home – when they become sexually mature and able to mate.”