By Martha Hewett @martha_hewett

THE FOUNDER of a size-inclusive clothing brand has hosted her second event devoted to large women of colour - creating a space for them to feel sexy, safe and free in their bodies

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Havala Hidalgo, from Houston, established Big Bottom Bash in 2018 after feeling frustrated by the lack of events celebrating marginalised women.

Also the founder of Big Bottom Behaviour, a size-inclusive fitness brand, Havala has seen first-hand how there is little size inclusion in the fashion world.

Havala told Barcroft TV: “I really want to inspire women through the Big Bottom Bash and show them that they can be empowered in whatever they want to do.”

The event, which took place on June 30th, featured guest speakers, sex workshops, performers, dancing

and a DJ.

This year’s theme was ‘fat-positive sexuality’ and focused on teaching women how to feel pleasure regardless of their shape or size.

The panel – which included a Fat Studies Scholar, Black Feminist Educator and Kink Educator – taught partygoers how to align sexuality and intimacy with vulnerability.

Encouraging women to embrace their bodies is what created Havala’s first business venture with Big Bottom Behaviour - her size-inclusive clothing brand.

Havala couldn’t understand why fat people are demonised and shamed but then have nothing available that inspires them to feel confident in workout clothes.

“My sister is plus-size and I was upset by the fact that she couldn’t find anything above size 16 to buy – there is a lack of diversity in active wear sizes,” Havala said.

Last year, Havala hosted the first ever Big Bottom Bash in Los Angeles and described it as a space for women from all walks of life to twerk, laugh, share and embrace.

This year, over 200 women attended in a beautiful Hollywood house that used to belong to Frank Sinatra.

The outside area was decorated with plants, pink bunting and flowers. They also had vegan food catered by a top LA chef.

The tropical pool area – which is the event’s main attraction – is where women from all walks of life enjoyed themselves, feeling totally at ease and confident in one another’s company.

When describing her inspiration, Havala said: “I wanted to create a space where women are going to feel energised and renewed and take on the experience into their normal day to day lives.”

One attendee told Barcroft: “As soon as you walk in, everyone is enjoying life – it’s a very special experience.”

Another added: “Whether you are queer or straight, as a plus-size woman you don’t feel comfortable everywhere – I’ve never been to an event like this.”

In line with the fat-positive sexuality theme, attendees were gifted with ‘sexy’ satin bags to put their sex toys in and matching satin robes.

It took Havala over two weeks to find someone who could make them in the sizes she needed.

She said: “I had to custom order the robes because they didn’t make them large sized, it is really frustrating.”

The panellists, who all described themselves as ‘fat and queer folks of colour’, discussed the importance of sexuality and intimacy in bigger bodies.

“So often, women’s safe spaces are tested, and they are ostracised,” said Dr Nyrobi, a Sexual Health Educator.

“Something like this that celebrates women’s natural bodies in their natural state is amazing.”

Although the event is for women to celebrate and have fun, it’s also informative and Havala hopes that each attendee will take something new away with them.

“I feel like fat people aren’t just a trend – they exist, they’re real people and we all have the same experiences,” Havala said.

“I wanted to create a panel where we can speak about these issues and how we can do better and learn from one another.”

Havala keeps busy with her plus-size clothing line and Big Bottom Bash has finished for another year, but she hopes to continue spreading the message and encouraging others to hold similar celebrations for the female body.

Over the next five years she has big plans, adding: “I’d love the Big Bottom Bash to be a touring event city to city, I want to bring this party and these feelings and experiences to all women all over.

“That’s something I’m really excited about doing.”