By Tom Midlane @goldenlatrine

Meet the real-life bionic teen - with a talent for make-up! At only 15 months old, Tilly Lockey, from County Durham, UK, contracted Group B meningococcal septicaemia, with doctors giving her zero chance of survival

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Videographer: Tia Lockey
Producer: Stephanie Stijkel, Tom Midlane, Ruby Coote
Editor: Florence Kennard

Amazingly Tilly pulled through, but had to have both her hands amputated at the wrist. She said: “They had to amputate my hands, my family did worry about it but it was a small price to pay for my life.” For years she used basic silicon arms, moulded on her older sister's arms, that had only an open or close grip. But in 2018 she became the first child in the UK to have bionic arms when she received a pair of high-tech, 3D printed arms that give her a much fuller range of movement. Tilly, now a model, public speaker and make-up vlogger, also has a wide array of colourful casings that slip over her bionic arms. She said: “I love having all the colours, you can match them with anything, I think of them as a cool fashion accessory.” Tilly’s arms also enable her to do flawless make-up looks. She said: “A lot of people think it would be hard to do your make-up with no hands, but when you’ve grown up like that, it feels natural. I’m still finding out new things I can do with my arms every day. My main goal is to inspire other people as much as possible. A disability doesn’t define you, if people tell me I can’t do something, that makes me even more determined to do it.”