By Malayanil @themalayanil

A BIG-HEARTED bird lover has been feeding thousands of wild parakeets twice a day for 10 years - from the comfort of his own home

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Videographer / Director: Aravind Kumar
Producer: Malayanil, Neha Routela, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal

Thousands of brightly-coloured parakeets swoop down to feed at Sekar's home every day

Among the hustle and bustle of Chennai in southern India, 62-year-old Sekar - known as 'India's Birdman' - rises at 4am to prepare the feed for his feathered friends.

The bird lover uses 60kg of rice a day to feed his peckish visitors

The enthusiast ornithologist, who works as a camera technician, prepares thick rows of rice on planks of wood on his roof terrace.

Up to 4,000 parakeets a day then brighten up the sprawling streets of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, as they flock to Sekar's home.

The parakeets line up on planks of wood laid out by 'India's Birdman'

The birds feed once in the morning and once again in the evening - providing a stunning spectacle for people on the streets below.

Sekar's unique connection with the birds began after his city was hit by a Tsunami 10 years ago, and two parakeets sat on his parapet wall.

Sekar, who earns £12 a day, spends £5 of that on feeding his feathered companions

He said: “Two parakeets brought 10 more - it then started to multiply to 50, 100, and soon thousands began to flock to this place.

"When I see the birds flying joyously, my eyes well up."

The hungry visitors brighten-up the sprawling streets of Chennai

When Sekar started feeding the birds he was leaving out 1kg of rice a day, but he is now having to provide 60kg for his thousands of feathered visitors.

The bird lover lays out rice in the morning and evening for the parakeets to enjoy

In the city of Chennai, where Sekar has lived for 25 years, he has affectionately become known as 'India's Birdman'.

Devraj, 71, said: “Watching him feed the birds is a majestic and spectacular sight. Many people who pass through this way stand and watch him for a long time.”

"When I see the bird flying joyously, my eyes well up." Sekar has developed a love for the birds after feeding them for 10 years
Parakeets line up near Sekar's home

The camera technician earns £12 a day from his day job, but spends £5 a day on feeding the birds.

The amount of parakeets he feeds varies with the season - but can reach into the thousands.

Feeding time: The hungry parakeets get stuck in on Sekar's roof terrace

“Since it is hot in summer, the number shrinks to 1000," Sekar added.

"As the temperature comes down it will reach 4,000 easily."