By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

WHIPPING up mouth-watering cuisines from around the globe, a YouTube chef creates some of our favourite dishes in their tiniest form

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Videographer / Director: Yukiko Hasada
Producer: Crystal Chung, Ruby Coote
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Yukiko Hasada is cooking her favourite dishes but in mini form

Yukiko Hasada isn’t your everyday kitchen chef. Using regular-sized ingredients bought at her local grocery store, she turns them into the tiniest of gourmet meals and uploads them to her YouTube channel, Bistro Miniature.

From miniature chocolate gateau and bowls of Japanese ramen to marshmallows roasted on a tiny fire and gourmet cod in white wine sauce, Yukiko is a master of creating miniature meals.

The YouTuber films her creations for her channel Bistro Miniature

Yukiko said: “I have been creating tiny food for around two years and I mainly get my inspiration from real dishes that I cook for my family.

“Even the miniature utensils give me inspiration from time to time! If I see a cute minter bread basket, then I think of a loaf of bread or doughnuts.

Yukiko uses real ingredients to create dishes using a tiny kitchen and utensils

“I like to come up with the dishes that complement the cuteness of mini utensils.”

The full-time housewife starts by buying everyday ingredients from her local supermarket and then carves them into miniature sizes.

The chef is inspired by real dishes she cooks for her family

As for her utensils, Yukiko purchases these online, but she is currently thinking about creating her own line of tiny cooking utensils.

The Okazaki-based chef said: “Ingredients are the easier part, except fish and certain vegetables that are not common in Japan such as brussels sprouts and baby onions.

“Rather, it is always more challenging to find mini utensils that go well with the dishes.”

Some of Yukiko's dinky dishes include Japanese ramen, roasted marshmallows and chocolate gateau

For Yukiko, the most challenging part about creating the tiny recipes is cooking on the doll-sized kitchen stove, and her most difficult creation has been the soft-boiled egg, created for the tiny chow mein.

She explained: “Using the right temperature is essential when making soft-boiled eggs.

The housewife buys her tiny utensils online

“The most difficult part is definitely how to control the fire power since I can only use blocks of solid fuel in my mini stove. Because of that, making sweets is very difficult.”

The adorable creations are cooked up on Yukiko’s family dining table and she even says the tiny food tastes the exact same as regular sized portions.

The most challenging part about creating the tiny recipes is cooking on the doll-sized kitchen stove

Yukiko first started making tiny food when she came across a miniature kitchen set.

She said: “I decided to give it a try when I came across the miniature kitchen set by accident. As with any other forms of art, sometimes my creation tends to turn out a lot better than I initially expected.

“I would like to try more dessert dishes as many of my viewers seem to enjoy it."

To take a look at more of Yukiko’s incredible tiny food creations, and to subscribe to her channel, visit her YouTube channel, Bistro Miniature.