By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

A CHEEKY frog enjoys life in the slow lane as he hitches a ride on the back of a snail's shell

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Window hopper: The tiny frog peeks through a hole in a leaf

The colourful amphibian was also spotted peering through a hole in a leaf - which served as a handy window as the frog eyed up potential meals.

The blue-webbed flying tree frog was photographed in Jakarta, Indonesia, by amateur photographer Andri Priyadi.

Balancing act: The colourful amphibian relaxes on a branch

With its blue skin and orange underbelly, the frog’s tiny size was clear when it was photographed standing on top of the snail.

Indonesian graphic designer Andri said: "I was in the park when I saw a frog was riding on a snail shell, not thinking I instantly captured the moment.

Peek-a-boo: The flying frog spots a window of opportunity

“This photo was taken after the rain stopped.”

The species, commonly known as flying frogs, can be found in trees and in damp areas.

Snail trail: The agile amphibian appears to hitch a ride

Their long-webbed toes allow them to glide through the air should they fall from a tree.

The images were taken in February, but have only surfaced now after Andri chose to share them with the media.