By Rebecca Lewis @RebeccaSLewis

AN OCTOPUS tries to deliver a sucker punch during a fight to the death with a SEAL

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The harbour seal tries to kill the enormous octopus for its dinner

The unusual sighting was witnessed by businessman Bob Lanson while on a relaxing stroll with his wife, daughter and young grandson.

As they walked along Ogden Point in Victoria, Canada, Bob, 59, saw what looked like two seals fighting in the water.

The harbour seal has the octopus in its mouth

But on closer inspection he realised one of the animals was an enormous long-tentacled octopus.

Determined: The seal appears angry as it fights the seal

The orange sea creature was trying to free itself from the sharp jaws of the harbour seal.

But after a long and difficult struggle the determined mammal - the seal - sealed its victory over the mollusc with a ferocious bite.

Bob thought two seals were fighting - but realised one of the animals was a large octopus

Bob said: “Sometimes it looked like the octopus had the seal on the ropes and then they would reappear and the seal had the octopus.

“This went on for several minutes, before the seal returned to the surface, the obvious victor.

Seals are known to eat octopus - but none as big as this

“He had been taking bites of the octopus throughout this battle.

“The scene unfolded on the breakwater and we were all peering over the side.

Bitten off more than you can chew? The octopus briefly appears to be winning

“More people were attracted to the scene to see what was going on. The crowd expressed an overwhelming sense of awe and many voiced sympathy for the octopus.”

The seal eventually gained the upper hand...

He added: “Never have I seen anything like this and I may never again. It’s been reported that while seals eat octopus, there are usually a smaller variety of octopus and it’s something that is not normally photographed.”

...And enjoyed the orange octopus for its dinner