By Bunmi Adigun @bunmi_adigun

A TEENAGE girl’s life was saved after surgeons removed a cyst weighing as much as a five-year-old from her ovary

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Khalida was suffering from intense stomach pain before discovering she had a 21kg cyst

Khalida from Kashmir, India, suffered from chronic stomach pain before the emergency procedure.

Over the course of six months the pain in Khalida’s stomach intensified and doctors in the remote region initially believed it to be a gastric problem.

As the pain grew so did the size of her stomach, which left her looking pregnant as well as keeping her bed bound.

She said: “When it started I lost my appetite whenever I ate, I used to vomit, my hands and feet swelled.

“I felt more and more pain, my abdomen was the size of a pregnant woman.”

Doctors were shocked to see the size of her stomach which made her look pregnant
The cyst weighed a whopping 21kg the same weight as an average 5-year-old

The student was forced to drop out of school due to the pain and swelling.

“I stopped going to school because my legs and arms had lots of pain, I couldn’t write anything,” she added.

As Khalida became more secluded, rumours of her health began to circulate around her small village as locals began to believe she was pregnant or cursed.

Khalida said: “We went to a saint for a cure, as people said that I was cursed with some evil eye.”

Many people in Khalida's small village though she was pregnant or cursed

Fearing the worst, Khalida’s parents travelled with their daughter to the nearest hospital in the area and begged medical staff to help them.

Her father, Mumtaz said: “We got scared. We thought she would die.”

On her arrival at the hospital, doctors were shocked to see the size of her stomach and rushed the student to the theatre for an emergency operation.

Surgeon, Dr Malik Azad Hussein said: “It was like she had 3 - 4 twins inside her abdomen. All the theatre team was amazed to see it.”

Dr Malik Azad Hussein who operated on the 18-year-old student was amazed to see the size of the cyst
Her father, Mumtaz, was by her side during the emergency procedure

Ovarian cysts are common and for the most part quite harmless. The cysts consist of fluid and usually grow to be just a few centimetres in size until they pop on their own.

But in Khalida’s case however the cyst grew to be 21kg in weight and may have done more damage to her health had she not undergone emergency surgery.

Dr Hussein said: “If she had not been brought to the hospital at that stage, definitely she would have died. She was very fortunate it was benign otherwise we would have started chemotherapy and radiotherapy.”

Khalida's incredible story features in this week's Body Bizarre on TLC

The team at Mirza Mohd Afzal Beigh Memorial Hospital were amazed that Khalida had coped with the cyst for so long, and believe it is the largest one ever removed from a patient.

This week’s Body Bizarre follows Khalida and her parents as she returns to the hospital for a six months check-up after her operation, and finds out why she is having symptoms of dizziness and sickness.

Dr Hussein again found a reason for the mystery illness and helped Khalida back to health, allowing her to go on to complete her studies and have a normal future.

Khalida’s story appears on Body Bizarre, Thursday December 1st, 10 pm, on TLC.