By Chloe Sweet @chloesweet

AN 18-year-old woman with over 20 facial piercings and tattooed eyeballs says that she doesn’t regret any of her modifications

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Videographer / director: Matan Rochlitz

Producer: Chloe Sweet, Tom Midlane, Kim Nguyen

Editor: Beth Angus


Body-modification lover Chiara, 18, from Rome, got her first piercing when she was just 11 years old. 

Since then, she has had around 40 more modifications - including over 20 facial piercings, 12 “scarifications”, two “brandings”, six subdermal implants and tattooed eyeballs. 

Scarifications involve cutting the skin with designs or words in order to create a permanent scar resembling a tattoo. 

Chiara told Truly: “My need for modification is not dictated by the need for attention or to be seen at all costs. It’s a personal need.

“Everything I do, I do it for myself.”

One of her most extreme facial modifications is in her lower lip, which has been stretched to four centimeters. 

“I didn’t start with the idea of having all this done. I was more discreet, but with time I started liking more things.

“If I didn’t feel at peace with myself I wouldn’t keep doing this.

“This is all very natural to me, I don’t have regrets.”

Chiara’s mother Samantha is overall very supportive of her daughter’s look, but worries about how she will be perceived by others. 

Samatha said: “My only worry was about society as they judge by appearance. 

“It’s a passion that anyone can have and that doesn't mean that it changes you as a person."

Chiara said: "Often when I notice people looking at me, I go, ‘What’s up? Am I dirty? Have I got something on me?’

“Then I think, ‘Ah, that’s right.’

“Wherever I go I feel stared at. Sometimes I don’t notice but people around me do. But it’s inevitable that everywhere I go there’s someone pointing at me or someone talking about me. 

“Sneaky photos are one of the worst things. Ask me! I won’t say no, just ask me.”

Many of the piercings Chiara has undergone were carried out herself or by her boyfriend, Michele. 

The pair met through their shared love for modifications when Chiara visited Michele’s piercing studio. They became a couple over a year later.

Chiara’s tattooed eyeballs were also performed by Michele - this was the first time he had ever performed such a procedure on anybody. 

But luckily, Chiara says, things went “smoothly”. 

On the subject of performing modifications, Michele told Truly: “The fact that you’re working on someone is intimate. They’re granting you access to their body so you must act respectfully.

“My favourite modification that I’ve done on her is a project that we had for quite a while. A little, intimate project. 

“We stretched her labia minora and later we put some implants on her labia majora. But I think in the end, after some ups and downs, she’s happy with it.”

Chiara added: “I have a bit of a limp, but whatever.” 

Chiara’s future bod-mod goals include implants in her scalp, titanium horns and silicone implants in her forehead. 

“Wherever you go, people say nasty things to you. But I don’t feel the need to justify myself to anyone. 

“When I look in the mirror I see myself, I see everything I’ve always wanted to be.

“I’m happy about what I am now and this is important."