By Kate Moore @Kit_Moore

THIS body modification enthusiast is determined to have the biggest stretched ear lobes in the world

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Videographer / director: Marcus Cooper

Producer: Kate Moore

Editor: James Thorne

Bianca Ferro, 24, from New Jersey, USA has stretched her ear lobes to 86 millimeters, however, her goal is to reach over 105 – the world record held by the current champion. She told Truly: “I want to look like a video game character, I like the idea of looking unnatural." Her collection of body mods includes a stretched labret, septum, and tattoos covering her face and body. But for Bianca, her main aim aesthetically is to get her stretched ears to the size she wants. “I want to have bigger ear lobes than anybody. I could see myself getting there and surpassing it in the next couple of years.” She started stretching her ears aged 13 and was bullied by her peers at school because of her alternative look. “A lot of people in the town that I lived in had never been exposed to something like that before," Bianca explained. “People treated me like I was disgusting, like I didn't belong.” Now she works at a tattoo shop, where she finally feels accepted: "It’s the first time that I feel like I'm allowed to be myself," she said. When Bianca began stretching her ear lobes, she hid them from her father, who “didn’t understand” why she would alter her body in such a way and “would not have allowed it". In the video Bianca stretches her ears up to the next size towards her goal, anxiously revealing her them to her father - hoping that he doesn't "freak out".