By Kate Moore @Kit_Moore

A COLLEGE student has transformed her lifestyle from 'party girl' to dedicated bodybuilder - but "will never be satisfied" with her muscled physique

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Videographer / director: Heath Franklin

Producer: Kate Moore, Ruby Coote

Editor: Sonia Estal

Olivia Rothenberg, 22, from North Carolina, USA started bodybuilding three years ago. Since then, her “whole life” has become centered around the sport. She told Truly: “I’ll never be satisfied with the way I look. It's a full-time job, I wake up, it's bodybuilding. I go to sleep - bodybuilding.” Before this, Olivia’s lifestyle was radically different. During her high school years, she would “party a lot.” Then, her boyfriend Bradley, who had already dedicated himself to the sport, encouraged her to start training. He explained: “I knew that if she had applied herself and started living the lifestyle of a bodybuilder it would come super naturally to her.” The couple now “eat, breathe, sleep bodybuilding." Their goals are always at the forefront of their minds, even when they are going out to relax together. “If we go on a date, we sit down at the table and calculate the macros of the thing we're about to eat," Olivia said. Her main goal is to compete as a Pro at the Olympia bodybuilding championships, but she also hopes to inspire other women to think of the sport differently. “The number one misconception about bodybuilding is that you're going to look like a man and lose your femininity. I think both of those are wrong.” She is working to challenge these preconceived notions through her coaching and online. “My goal on social media is to show women, you can train to be as strong as you can be. I hope that I encourage women to reach their maximum potential.”