By Haziq Qadri @haziq_qadri

A BOY suffering from a mysterious condition has caused his hands to grow 12 INCHES LONG

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Tarik's two fingers and thumb have ballooned in size, with his other two fingers remaining a normal size

According to his family, 12-year-old Tarik has had ‘big hands’ since the birth.

The young boy, from Uttar Pradesh, India, works on a tea stall and lives with his brother. 

Tarik's family claim that his hands started growing unusually large from a young age

His aunt, Pushpa, said: “Since birth, his hands were always big. As he started growing his hands got bigger.

“When his father was alive he took him to the local doctors a lot. But his father passed away and he only has his mother now, so he can’t get any treatment."

Tarik’s older brother, Hargyan, takes care of Tarik and helps him with simple daily tasks that his hands prevent him from being able to do.

Tarik has been bullied because of the mystery condition

Hargyan said: “His hands are really big. I have never seen such big hands in my life. He is stuck in his life. He cant even change his clothes. I have to look after Tarik.

“Its difficult for Tarik to complete his daily chores like bathing, dressing, and eating.”

The condition, which has not been diagnosed by doctors, has caused Tarik’s huge hands to grow to a length of 12 inches. 

Some people in the village believe Tarik has been cursed by the devil

Sadly that has resulted in Tarik being bullied by his neighbours and friends. He was also refused admission to school. 

Tarik said: “I had few friends in the beginning but now I dont have any. People are scared of my hands. I wanted to study but school refused my admission.”

Tarik has been labelled as ‘Devil’ by villagers who believe his large hands to be the result of a curse.

12-year-old Tarik's hands are 12 inches long and 12 inches wide

Tarik said: “People think having this condition is a result of some curse. They don’t know it’s a medical condition and it can be cured.

“It’s just we don’t have money for the treatment doesn’t mean it can’t be cured.”

Tarik's brother Hargyan helps him do simple tasks such as dress and eat

His brother added: "The school authorities said they could not take Tarik as his huge hands will scare other kids. He was denied admission in almost every school.”

Tarik’s aunt, Pushpa believes the condition is from God and he will get normal hands soon. 

Tarik's condition has never been diagnosed

Pushpa said: “He cant dress without brother’s help. His life is totally dependent on us. We have to take care of him all the time. But I am sure he will get a better treatment.”

The family has approached many local doctors but everytime they returned with disappointment.

Hargyan said: “We went to many places for his treatment. All of them were local doctors with no sophiscated equipments. We can’t afford a good hospital for him.

The family are too poor to pay for specialists to diagnose and treat

“Local doctors never helped. Every single doctor suggested to get Tarik a proper treatment. But for us there is no way. He has to stay like this till we have some money for the treatment. 

On a recent visit, Dr Pawan Kumar Gandhi said: “Tarik’s problem is actually a mystery to us. We’ve never seen a patient with this before.

Tarik said: "I want to become like other kids who go to school everyday and play like normal kids. I see a hope that I will get normal hands"

“I have seen a few similar cases but they had Elephant Foot disease, his condition seems to be similar to that. 
Poor boy Tarik hopes for a better treatment so that he can live a  normal and better life.

The 12-year-old is labelled as the 'devil' by some
But Tarik’s aunt believes the condition is from God and he will get normal hands soon

“Chances are low but nothing is impossible. In the age of science, there is lots of research, so nothing is impossible. Maybe if the 

He said: "I want to get rid of this condition. I want to become like other kids who go to school everyday and play like normal  kids. I see a hope that I will get normal hands.”