By Chloe Sweet @Chloe Sweet

A 295lb woman who lost an amazing 125lbs in a year has completed her transformation after excess skin surgery

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Videographer / director: Martin Noel
Producer: Chloe Sweet, Ruby Coote
Editor: Florence Kennard


Jasmine Parent, 30, completely changed her diet and lifestyle with her fiancé Jeremy Crawley, 27, after realising her physical and mental health was being affected by her weight.

As for he was 333lbs just over a year ago, but has managed to lose over a third of his body weight.

Wanting to set a better example for their two daughters, the couple have collectively lost 220lbs in under 14 months.

In the pilot episode of Barcroft TV’s inspirational new body transformation series ‘Brand New Me’, the pair from Nova Scotia shed light on how they have become more healthy and active parents.


Jasmine told Barcroft TV: “In the beginning I never thought that we would lose this much weight.

“Our eating habits were horrendous. We didn’t prepare any of our meals, barely, at home. We spent a lot of money on junk food and take-out. 

“It was possible for us to lose so much weight just by completely switching the way that we were eating.”

The couple’s love story began on Instagram, where they liked one another’s photos and eventually got chatting. 

According to Jasmine, they were both “heavy” when they met. However when Jasmine’s father passed away in 2013, she says that her eating habits spiralled out of control.

She said: “I started gaining weight and emotionally eating.

“I wanted to be emotionally present and to interact with my girls and to have the energy for them. But my anxiety was almost crippling some days that I couldn’t be the mum I wanted to be.

"I just really hated what I saw in the mirror.”

Jasmine’s mother, Joan told Barcroft TV: “She was getting larger all the time.

“I worried about stress on her joints and heart problems. I didn’t like the way she seemed to feel about herself and her overall presence wasn't positive. As a mother, that concerned me a lot.” 

The turning point for Jasmine was when she had a photograph taken with her best friends. She looked at the photo and only then did she realise how heavy she had become.

“When I saw it my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe that was me standing next to my friends and I was so embarrassed.

“I thought, I’m not even thirty years old yet and I’m physically not able to walk up my stairs without having severe pain in my knees.”

The way this moment affected her seemed to hit home for Jeremy too, as he recalls it forcing him to “start looking” at himself as well.

Jeremy told Barcroft TV: “The sugar and sodium and all that stuff - I really couldn’t fight it.

“I couldn’t believe how big I had gotten.”

“Finally, we found that drive to do something about it,” Jasmine added.

The couple started their astounding weight loss journey by doing exercise videos in their living room and following a 21-day meal plan. They significantly cut down their salt and sugar intake, which Jeremy claims has improved his energy levels.  

When asked how the lifestyle change has improved his life, he said: "My attitude towards everything did a complete 360. Just a better father, partner and just happier with myself.”

But the couple say that losing weight was not an easy achievement.

Jasmine said: “There were days when I felt like I was definitely going to quit. There were days when I left like it wasn’t worth it, that I wasn’t worth it.

“But I kept pushing. I wanted to set a great example for my daughters.

“It is just about prioritising. Are we going to spend 20 minutes watching Netflix this evening or are we going to spend 30 minutes in our living room doing a quick work-out?”

Jasmine documented her weight loss on social media, which gained such a following that it has become her full-time job.

In the last step of her journey, Barcroft TV followed her as she underwent “life-changing” excess skin removal surgery on her stomach.

Loose skin is a common part of the weight loss experience, especially for people like Jasmine who have lost over 100lbs in a short timeframe.

But despite how far she had come, she says that the excess skin was affecting her body confidence.

“I feel like I worked really, really hard to get to this body and then I put pants on and have this kind of budge where the skin is.”

The 4-hour procedure involved removing a section of skin from the stomach and resewing the incision, making the overall appearance more tight and flat.

The surgery, which is commonly known as a “tummy tuck,” can take months to fully recover from. Visiting Jasmine 10 weeks after her surgery, she claimed to be “healing really well.”

She said: “It feels so, so good to get to a point where now I'm just maintaining my weight.

“I'm finally in a place where I love what I see when I look in the mirror.

“I can just kind of relax and enjoy the lifestyle that I've created for myself.

“I finally feel the sky’s the limit at this point.”