By Amanda Stringfellow @amanda_l_s

Brave mother Eva Puga, who was born with a rare facial condition, and without any ears, is helping her daughter to cope with the same disorder

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Laura Puga is examined by Dr Oliver Heinz Haag at the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital

Eva has Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition which affects bones and tissue in the face and is characterised by the absence of ears and cheekbones.

Eva was delighted to discover she was to become a mother when she was 25.

But when she gave birth to daughter, Laura, it soon became clear that her baby had inherited the disorder.

The 35-year-old, from Girona, Spain, has been battling against prejudice caused by the condition her whole life.

Mum and daughter share the rare genetic condition Treacher Collins

 “It’s harsh when people come to you and they say things like, ‘Hey take that mask off, carnival is over now,' ” she said.

 “You develop a personality where either you deal with it or you get eaten alive.”

 Despite the difficulties, Eva has built a life for herself and is happy with her partner, Ricardo, who is stepdad to Laura.

 But Eva worries that Laura will become increasingly self-conscious about her facial deformities as she grows up.

Eva was born with no ears and has exterior hearing aids to help with her partial deafness

 Eva said: “Now that she’s ten she’s beginning to realise that she has a problem.

“She looks in the mirror and she gets really insecure.”

The most significant effect of Laura’s condition is hearing loss due to malformed ears at birth.

Laura had an operation to surgically implant hearing aids at the age of four - but recently had them removed because the internal magnet was eating away at her skin.

The partial deafness caused by Treacher Collins has already affected Laura’s ability to speak.

“Laura tells me: ‘I am already shy, but on top of that I’m afraid to speak because I don’t speak well and don’t know if people are going to understand me’,” Eva said.

Brave Laura was born with the condition which affects bones and tissue in her face

Dr Oliver Heinz Haag, Paediatric Otolaryngologist, at Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, Barcelona, has been helping Laura to tackle the hearing issues caused by the condition.

“The area of the implant has healed very well,” he said.

“For now she is using a hearing aid without having it implanted into her scalp bone, and next year she will have an operation to get her a new hearing implant.

“She will also have speech therapy classes to improve her communication.”

Laura and her mother play with Laura's step-father Ricardo

And Eva hopes that with improved hearing, Laura will be able to overcome the shyness caused by the disorder.

“I am worried about all the situations she is going to face like I did,” Eva said.

“She doesn’t want to be observed or have people say things to her – she just wants to be normal.

Eva wants Laura to accept herself so that she becomes confident despite her condition

“I want her to accept herself so that she becomes confident and gets what she wants without fear.

“I have reached a point in my life where I have accepted myself. I am what I am - and that is what I try to transmit to Laura every day.”

Eva and Laura's story features in a new series of Body Bizarre on Thursday August 27, 9pm, on TLC