By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

A MOTHER with dwarfism - and half of ‘Britain’s shortest couple’ - has given birth to her second baby.

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Videographer / director: Ian Paine
Producer: Danny Baggott, James Thorne
Editor: James Thorne

Laura and her husband, Nathan Phillips, welcomed their son, Jax, into the world on September 5 2018.

The parents from Newcastle have different forms of dwarfism, Laura has Achondroplasia and stands at 4ft 1, whereas Nathan has Pseudoachondroplasia and is 3ft 11.

Four years ago, Laura gave birth to their first son, Nathan Junior. Miraculously, Nathan Jr was named as a ‘double-dwarf’ as he has both of his parent’s dwarfism, which is a extremely rare.

And now, Laura, 28, and Nathan, 38, have received the news that their new baby boy, Jax, was born with Achondroplasia only – following in his mother’s proud footsteps.

Laura told Barcroft TV: “I’m so proud. Nath is as well. You know, he walked into the room and he just wanted to see him straight away. It was lovely. He adores him.

“I had to have a planned C-section and I chose Wednesday 5 September out of three possible options.

“We didn’t really know with Jax and the pregnancy and whether he would have dwarfism or not.

“We knew he was quite little after 20-something weeks, but we didn’t know which condition he had exactly.

“It was then revealed that he had my condition, Achon.”

Laura arrived at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, in Newcastle, at half past seven in the morning on the day of her pregnancy.

Dr Therese Hannon, who works as a consultant obstetrician, was tasked with delivering Laura’s child – the same doctor who successfully brought Nathan Jr into the world four years ago.

Although Laura was feeling much more relaxed this time round, not everything went as smoothly as they would have liked.

Laura said: “So at half past seven, when I entered the first room, I met every single person who was helping with the birth.

“I was a bit more relaxed because we had Therese operating on us who had delivered our first baby.

“I wasn’t scared or nervous or anything, it was really nice.

“But then after it all happened, I remember waking up and looking to the side and my baby wasn’t there. Nathan explained why, and I didn’t feel like a new mum.”

Because of Laura’s condition and the risks involved with the pregnancy, she had to receive a general anaesthetic.

Dr Therese Hannon said: “General anaesthetic that can sometimes make the baby a little bit sleepy when they’re first born.

“With the safety of anaesthetics and the amount of drugs that we use, there are certain things about her (Laura’s) condition that make some of the anaesthetic slightly riskier than it would be for someone with a more normal stature.

“And so, the baby didn’t breathe quite as often as we would have liked him to when he first got here.”

Laura continued: “The anaesthetic had gone to Jax, so when he was born, all he wanted to do was sleep.

“It got to his breathing, he wouldn’t breathe on his own. He had to have oxygen and stuff. It then turned out he had an infection and he had to stay in intensive care and couldn’t be in the room with us.

“Even though I went and visited him, it was hard for me because I didn’t get that bond straight away. It was horrible, it wasn’t nice at all.”

Doctors worked quickly to resolve Jax’s breathing issues, much to the relief of Laura and Nathan.

Nathan said: “When I got down to the operating theatre with Laura, it was a ‘here we go again’ kind of feeling. It was exciting, you know – our second son is about to be born.

“It was lovely to think here comes number two, here comes the next light in our lives. But it just didn’t work in relation to that. The question was, is the light going to stay lit or is it going to go dark?

“You know off your child goes to special care and you’re at the end of a tender hook for however many days until they’re better.”

Laura added: “Exactly. The waiting was the worst part.

“But, thankfully, he’s fine now and we have another lovely little boy in this world.”

Jax was able to return home with Laura, Nathan and Nathan Jr just a few days after Laura’s C-section.  

Laura and Nathan continue to thank the work of the doctors at Royal Victoria Infirmary for their tremendous work and care with Jax.

The family of four are now, finally, ready to continue their journey together.