Hundreds of colourful butterflies from all over the world, fill a new tropical exhibit at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire

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An Atlas Moth is found in the tropical and subtropical forests of South East Asia

The Butterfly House, which opened its doors in May, is one of the largest biomes of any UK zoo.

The Banded Orange butterfly is native in areas from Mexico to Brazil

The family attraction features 30 different species, such as The Blue Morpho from Central and South America, and the Scarlet Mormon from the Philippines.

The Great Eggfly is also known as the Blue Moon butterfly in New Zealand

In the exotic warmth of the chrysalis-shaped exhibit, adults and children can visit the Metamorphosis Zone, where they can learn about the caterpillar to butterfly life-cycle.

The Blue Morpho butterflies are among the biggest in the world with a wing span of between five and eight inches
The Brown Clipper is primarily found in south and south-east forest areas of Asia
The Postman butterfly, with its red and white markings, are found between Mexico and northern South America
The Common Lime Swallowtail butterfly may look beautiful but many regard it as a pest
Don't move! A blue morph butterfly lands on a boy's face
The Brown Clipper butterfly is a fast and powerful winged creature
The Giant Swallowtail is the largest butterfly in Canada and the United States
A Malachite butterfly has striking lime green patterns
The Tiger Longwing has especially long antennae and large eyes
The Tailed Jay is a large butterfly in Australasia
A total of 30 different species of butterfly were unveiled at the zoo