By Crystal Chung @crystalkchung

THIS frog looks ready for takeoff as it appears to sprout a pair of wings

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Winging it: The butterfly rests on the head of a Pac Man frog

Shot in January 2016 by photographer Kurit Afsheen, 34, the incredible images show a a colourful butterfly landing on the head of a bright green Pac Man frog.

The Indonesia-based snapper said that the photographs were recently taken at a friend’s pond. 

He said: “The frog is their pet and it is well looked after, it has always lived on the pond behind their estate.”

Hoppy days: The butterfly relaxes on its chosen resting place

South American horned frogs, commonly known as Pac Man frogs, were given their unique nickname due to their characteristically large mouth and abdomen - meaning they resemble the video game character Pac Man. 

The 34 year-old captured the rare moment on a borrowed camera when he first spotted the frog in the pond.

Upon taking a closer look he realised that the reptile wasn’t alone but had the company of a colourful butterfly sitting comfortably on it’s back.

A birds-eye view of the unlikely partnership

Kurit said: “As soon as I saw the Pac Man I was interested and then I noticed the butterfly on the frog’s back, I immediately asked my friend if I could borrow a camera and started taking shots at different angles. 

"I took these photos because I thought they were so unique and fun, unlike anything else I had ever seen.”

As the frog happily poses for photos, it’s a miracle that the butterfly escaped uneaten as South American horned frogs are also known to be cannibalistic and have been known to eat their mates.