By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A YOUNG thrill-seeker crashes into the River Thames after leaping from Tower Bridge

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Videographer / Director: Carnage aka Faisal
Producer: Mark Hodge, Chloe Browne
Editor: Ian Phillips

Shah talks to the camera before his disastrous jump

Actor and vlogger Shah Faisal Shinawari jumped from the iconic London landmark on Thursday July 16, as part of a stunt which went horribly wrong.

 The 17-year-old, who goes by the online alias 'Carnage', belly flopped into the freezing cold water as his friends filmed the traumatic event.

Shah jumps over the Tower Bridge barrier

After initially appearing to float motionless in the water, Shah started to shout for help and was eventually fished out of the river by the emergency services.

Point of no return: Shah leaps off the London landmark

The stunt has received widespread criticism on social media after the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) were called out to save the teenager.

Big mistake: The teenager's friends film him falling

Shah - who was born in Afghanistan but moved to the UK as a young child - said: “I decided to jump after I was dared on YouTube.

The young daredevil floats motionless in the water

“I didn't think about what I was doing - I thought I would be able to just swim to the side and didn't think about what was about to happen.

“It was crazy, I couldn’t breathe for five minutes, the tide was so strong - I was frozen.

Crash, bang, wallop: Shah collides with the freezing cold water

“I feared for my life, it all happened so fast.

“Doctors said I was very lucky, I didn't jump properly and I could have broken my legs.

The heroic rescue services tend to the young man

“I suffered a chest infection and swallowed so much water - I’m still in shock.”

Tony Wafer, RNLI community safety manager, has released a statement condemning the stunt.

He said: "As a lifesaving organisation that works on the Thames, we are extremely disappointed that this young man chose to risk his life in this way.

Shah admits his mistake while in hospital

"He was extremely lucky that the outcome wasn't more serious.

"We're glad that this young man regrets his actions, however we would strongly discourage anyone from doing anything like this.

"Jumping into the Thames from a bridge is extremely dangerous - the shock of cold water makes it very difficult to swim and strong currents can rapidly sweep people away."