By John Balson @JJBalson

CUDDLES from an elephant seal would normally end in a crush - but this pup was just about small enough to indulge in some hugs with this lucky lady.

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Videographer / Director: Charlene Fritz
Producer: John Balson, Chloe Browne
Editor: Kyle Waters

Friendly: A baby elephant seal plays on the beach

Canadian Charlene Fritz, 35, encountered the curious baby during an expedition to Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Weighty: The elephant seal pups are only one or two months old but still weigh in excess of 200lb

The seal was no more than two months old but already weighed a whopping 200lb.

First move: The young seal approached Canadian Charlene Fritz after spotting her across the beach

Fortunately yoga enthusiast Charlene was able to perform a reclining hero pose to prolong the magical encounter - as a friend captured filmed them.

First crush: The young elephant seal appeared to be affectionate towards Charlene

Charlene, from Saskatchewan, said: "The seal climbed on top of me without hesitation. We shared a very sweet moment in time I will never forget."

Surprisingly fresh: Charlene said the seals did not smell of fish or have bad breath
Unforgetable experience: Charlene Fritz encountered the friendly seal in Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula

"Her mouth was all pink inside and her eyes were amazing to look into. Like the deepest depths of the sea. I could have stared into her eyes forever."

She added: "It was made very clear to me that I was in no way allowed to touch her with my hands or approach her."

Whisker away: The young elephant seal leans in to take a closer look

"She came to me from across the beach and made all of the decisions to cuddle up. I wanted to hug her so badly."

"Physically she felt like a big dough ball, super warm and like she had no bones. She did not smell of fish or have bad breath. She had never even eaten a fish at that point in her life."

All smiles: Yoga enthusiast Charlene said it was an unforgettable experience

Charlene, who recorded the footage in December 2011 but has only just released it, had at first wondered why the seal was so friendly but later learned about the harsh weaning process.

She said: "Basically the mother fattens them up with her milk for a month or so, then abandons them on the beach."

Sealed with a kiss: The young elephant seal moves closer onto Charlene

"They have never been in the ocean to learn to fish or anything and basically lay there starving until they figure out to take the leap of faith and go into the sea."

"This is why they can be so sweet and looking for love, I guess."

Affictionate: Elephant seal pups are usually abandoned on the beach by their parents until they pluck up the courage to enter the ocean

However, an encounter with a full-grown elephant would have been a different prospect.

Males of the species can weigh up to two tonnes and are known to have a nasty temper during mating season as the battle to control harems of females.