By Hannah Stevens @hannahshewans

WHILST most seven-year-olds are addicted to gaming, this young boy prefers to chase America’s wildest weather

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Videographer / director: Jason Weingart
Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Sonia Estal

Chase was inspired to start storm chasing by his step dad Jason

Aptly named Chase Miller has been hunting the most extraordinary lightning storms and supercells across America since he was four-years-old.

His budding storm chasing career was inspired by his photographer step-dad Jason Weingart, who has a wealth of experience documenting the country’s wildest weather.

The seven-year-old has been accompanying his family on chases since he was four-years-old

Chase said: “I first decided to be a storm chaser when I saw Jason’s pictures and I thought it would be fun to do it for myself. I trust mum and Jason to keep me safe.

“My favourite thing about storm chasing is getting to see big tornados and it’s fun to travel and spend time with my family.

Miller also loves to go fishing and is interested in reptiles and amphibians

“The most valuable thing Jason has taught me about storms is how they work. The most dangerous storm chasing event I’ve ever been on is probably Dodge City, Kansas because there was lots of tornados and a really big storm and lots of lightning.

“My future goals as a storm chaser is getting to see more tornados than anyone else!”

His parents always make sure that he is aware of the risks before allowing him to accompany them

The enthusiastic storm lover is also a keen fisher, but photography and storm chasing are his first love.

Before Chase was allowed to accompany his parents on storm chases, Jason made sure that he understood the risks associated with the unconventional hobby.

The budding storm chaser is not allowed to come with them during more dangerous storms

Jason said: “We decided it was the right time for Chase to accompany us when he started showing an interest in not only storm chasing but also photography.

“We also wanted to be sure that he was mature enough to understand the rules and the dangers of disobeying while we’re out doing this kind of thing.

In the future Chase hopes to set records for the number of storms he sees

“It’s not only hazards from the storm, we also have to worry about traffic and people who are out there that we don’t know.”

While some parents might question Chase’s extraordinary hobby, Jason trusts in his stepson’s maturity and ability as a storm chaser.

Jason added: “I was never wary of Chase following in my footsteps as a storm chaser, no matter what he does when he puts his mind to it he’s going to excel at it.

“Not all storm set ups are the same, at certain times the supercells are going to be out in the trees or they’ll be moving 60-70mph.

Jason was never worried about Chase following in his footsteps as he believes that he will excel at whatever he chooses

“Those days have an added element of danger and on days like that Chase isn’t even going to accompany us.

“Now, when he does join us we tend to hang back and focus on the meteorological and photography aspects of the event.”

Chase, who is certainly living up to his name, helps out with everything from tracking the weather formations to setting up and breaking down equipment at the site of the weather event.