By Tom Gillespie @TomGillespie1

PLAYFUL macaques jump up at tourists and cause mischief on the streets of Gibraltar

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Kung fu maestro? This macaque looks handy with a stick

Boisterous monkeys were pictured relaxing in the sun, grooming each other, and even climbing through car windows.

A hitchhiker's guide to Gibraltar

Macaques are a common sight in Gibraltar and have no fear of interacting with holidaymakers.

Reaching out: A young macaque has taken a shine to the camera

Ian Wade, a 39-year-old freelance photographer, took the photos on a four-day visit in September.

He said:  "The monkeys are like humans when they are young - they like to fool around and get up to all kinds of mischief.

Holding on: This one has a grip on things
Snack time: A monkey dines out up a tree

"You can see images of the young macaques play-fighting, which is an important tool in later life and will come in very handy when another troop ventures into their territory.

"Areas which are rich in food sources are important so a macaque will fight for that area.

Monkey bar: A macaque living on the edge

"For example there are different troops at different parts of the rock.

"The areas like the café are highly sought-after as food can easily be obtained."

Gibraltar's monkeys are certainly not camera-shy
Snuggled up: A young monkey gets some TLC

Some of the images show the wise-looking monkeys squinting in the sunshine, while others show families of the animals huddled together and showing each other affection.

Give me that: Macaques have a thing for bags

Ian, from Bristol in the UK, continued: “I really enjoyed taking these photographs.

Monkeying around: Macaques mucking about

"It was a challenge but the more time I spent on the rock the more I understood different parts of the monkeys' behaviour - which in turn helped me photograph the many different sides to these monkeys and their complex life.

“The most interesting part of the monkeys' behaviour was when they would steal food.

Floored: A group of monkeys relax

“Over the years the monkeys have come to understand that tourists bring food, some feed the monkeys and some have food in bags.

“The people who have bags are in trouble."

Word to the wise: A very sage looking character