By Samantha Grillo @_samanthagrillo

A GOOFY chihuahua with an uncontrollable tongue is drawing comparisons to wayward pop star Miley Cyrus

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Joey Teixeira poses with his Instagram star, Mervin the chihuahua

Mervin, the six-year-old rescue is taking the internet by storm with his comically lengthy licker.

Fully stocked wardrobe: Mervin sports sweaters, hats and scarves in pictures

Owner Joey Teixeira adopted Mervin last year and posted pictures of the pooch online dressed in sweaters and little hats.

Joey adopted Mervin last year at the shelter he works in
Mervin had all his teeth removed due to a severe dental disease

Now Mervin has almost 30,000 Instagram followers and 9,000 Facebook fans.

Joey, 27, said: “I was not expecting him to blow up the way he has, but I think it’s really great.

Lengthy licker: Mervin's tongue sticks out to the side
Mervin's wardrobe is fully stocked with sweaters, shirts, and hats

“People say he looks like Miley Cyrus because of that performance she did when she was sticking her tongue out and looking all crazy.

“I think they look similar, but I think Mervin’s a lot cuter.”

Joey snaps a new photo of Mervin to post on his Instagram account

Joey, from New York, adopted Mervin last year from the shelter he works in.

Best buds: Joey adopted Mervin in 2014 after he spent three months in the shelter

He said: “Mervin was brought in to the shelter as a stray, and was there about three months before I brought him home.

Mervin poses for a picture in a raincoat
Joey says people compare Mervin to Miley Cyrus because of his tongue

“While he was in the shelter he had to have both of his knees repaired and all of his teeth removed because he had a very severe dental disease.

Dapper dog: Mervin poses in a bow tie

“His tongue sticks out because he has no teeth to hold it back anymore, so it’s always to the side.

“It’s the first thing that everybody notices about him.”

Mervin requires special care at home because he has no teeth
Instafamous: Mervin has racked up 30,000 followers on Instagram

Because Mervin has no teeth he requires special attention at home.

Joey said: “He needs to eat a special food because he can’t have the hard food that the rest of our dogs eat, and he eats it on a flat plate because the bowls are hard for him to get the food out of.

Joey poses with Mervin
Since he was adopted, Mervin has been treated like family
Joey started posting pictures of Mervin to Instagram last year

“If he hadn’t been brought into my shelter, he probably would have ended up on the street, in another shelter, or potentially euthanized since chihuahuas are the most euthanised dog breed in the country.”

Ruff beginning: Mervin was brought to the shelter as a stray

Joey started posting pictures of Mervin to Instagram last April, and instantly saw a following.

Joey hopes Mervin will become the next big Instagram sensation

He said: “He sat in the shelter for three months, then we brought him home, now he has almost 30,000 followers on Instagram, and 9,000 Facebook fans.

Little dog in the big city: Mervin lives in NYC with owner Joey Teixiera
Mervin posing with owner Joey and his partner Michael Keeney

“He probably has around 100 different outfits - hoodies, tank tops, sweaters, hats, coats, scarves.

“I think looking cute is Mervin’s main special talent.”

Joey hopes that Mervin's fame will lead to an increase in animal adoptions

Joey hopes that Mervin’s rise to fame will also lead to a rise in animal adoptions.

He said: “I would love to see him follow in the footsteps of Little Bub, Tuna Melts My Heart, Boo, and the rest of the famous animals.

“I would love to use that sort of platform to really promote adoption in shelter animals.”

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