By Bunmi Adigun @Bunmi_Adigun

AN 85-year-old grandmother is hoping to prove she still has a spring in her step, as she trains to compete in her latest athletics competition

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Christie got involved in racing after encouragement from her late husband

Christie Du Plooy, from South Africa, is aiming for a hat-trick of gold medals as she represents her country in the 100m, 200m and 400m competitions at this year's World Masters Athletics Championship (WMA).

The 85-year-old is hoping to win gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 400m races

The competition - which is only open to people over 35 years of age - sees athletes from around the world compete in various track and field events.

The perky pensioner regularly trains at her local gym to prepare for her races

The grandmother of 13 first got involved in athletics at the age of 58 after her late husband, who was also a runner, encouraged her to get involved in the sport.

Christie hopes to dominate her age group category at this year's competition in Perth, Australia

Christie said: “Running gives me self-confidence. When I run on the track, I know that I will win.”

The sprinter’s training schedule involves trips to her local gym and swimming pool under the watchful eye of her longtime coach, Pierre Dedekind.

The sprinting nan met her coach, Pierre Dedekind, at her local swimming pool

Pierre has been training the sprinter for the past seven years and met her during one of Christie’s regular trips to the swimming pool.

He said: “You should have seen her jump in the pool that day! I immediately walked up to her and told her that I wanted to train her.”

The WMA is only open to athletes from around the world over the age of 35

Competing in the 85 - 89 age group category, the sprinting nana is determined to improve on the silver and two gold medals she won at the last championship in Brazil, 2012.

Suffering from a stomach bug in the last competition, Christie was unable to win gold in all her races.

Christie stretches before a training session at her local race track

She said: “I wasn’t well and even had to go to the hospital.”

Despite her illness, Christie was still determined to compete and took part in a hard fought final.

Pierre added: “The lady who won beat her by just a split second.”

The WMA kicks off on October 26th in Perth, Australia, and will see 4000 athletes compete from around the world.