By Mark Hodge @mrhodgey

A FEARLESS climber runs along the slenderest of ridges at the peak of a 8,550 ft mountain

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Videographer / Director: Mark Harrison
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Josh Douglas

Long way down: The hiker confidently walks along the rocky ridge

This vertigo-inducing footage was filmed by teacher Mark Harrison while climbing the dangerous Mount Lady MacDonald in Alberta, Canada, with his brother Thomas, 31, and two friends.

Mark and his friend get down on all fours to steady themselves

Shot in July, the video shows the adrenaline junkie balancing along the steep and slender precipice while holding a camera – before running along the rocky summit.

The fearless teacher runs along the ridge despite severe winds and a deadly drop

The 28-year-old also decided to dangle over the edge while his friend Sunny Kairon, 25, held the camera.

Nerves of steel: Mark balances along the steep precipice while holding a camera

In 2003, a climber was killed on Mount Lady MacDonald after being hit by an avalanche and in 2007 a hiker died after falling between the mountain and the neighbouring Mount Charles Stewart.

Toronto-born Mark is the vice-principal at a Canadian school in China.

Adrenaline junkie Mark smiles for the camera as he runs along Mount Lady MacDonald's narrow ridge

He said: “We saw about six other hikers descending and they told us not to go up further because it was too windy and unsafe.

“But we just carried on because we wanted to assess the situation for ourselves.

King of the World: The teacher, and part time fear enthusiast, proudly poses for the camera after scaling the huge mountain

“It was really windy up at the top but it just added to the thrill.”

Despite being interested in several adrenaline sports including wakeboarding, Mark does not consider himself an experienced hiker.

A picture of Mark having fun while indulging in the adrenaline fuelled past time

He said: “I climb recreationally when I travel but I’m not seriously into it – I just like adrenaline rushes.

“The hike is fairly dangerous and scaling the ridge is a lot safer on all fours.

“Even though I crossed it on two feet, I trusted my own abilities, although when I watched my brother doing it I freaked out.

On top of the world: Mark and his brother Thomas taking a selfie at the summit

“It was definitely thrilling to do it - I love doing things most people won’t and taking a few extra risks.”