By Jack Flanagan

AN AMATEUR photographer has captured close-ups of creepy crawlies – revealing their colourful faces and ‘alien’ eyes

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A bug's eye view: Ming comes face to face with an Ant Mimic Spider

Malaysian telecoms technician, Lee Hua Ming, 35, collected dead insects from around his home in rural Kota Bharu for the intricate snaps.

Lee says: "The photos make me think of alien eyes, like in alien movies and Japanese anime.”

He said: “I wanted to capture something we can’t see. The real faces of insects, and then shoot it like you would a portrait.

The head of dragonfly: Each panel on the eye represents a different light receptor, or ommatidia

“You can really see how unique each insect is in the photos."

The insects measure between 1cm and 2inches and Ming magnifies the images by up to five times

The insects measured between 1cm and 2inches and Ming magnified the images by up to five times to achieve the striking finish.

Close-up of a Hover Fly which can normally be found near flowers and pollenated areas

The images were taken between February and November last year.

The front profile of an Asian Longhorn Beetle which are around an inch long

Ming said: “I wanted to capture all that detail. It reminds me of an alien's eyes, like I would see as a child on TV in alien movies or Japanese anime.

The right lighting and equipment are vital for Lee Hua to take the detailed photographs

“I started taking photos because I was curious about the way insects look. I kept thinking, ‘how can I take a better photo here?’

A close-up shot of a wasp, Ming places his camera one to four inches from the wasp with high magnification to get the best shot

“So I began to learn about camera and lighting technique - which is vital to taking detailed photos.

"After that there was no turning back. I've met loads of friends and we're always sharing our expertise and knowledge.

“My favourites are the the longhorn beetle and the robber fly."