By Danny Baggott @Dan_Baggie

A COCA-COLA addict owns thousands of the brand’s cans, posters, dinner plates and lampshades - and drinks four litres A DAY

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Producer: Ruby Coote, Danny Baggott
Editor: Sonia Estal

Hendrik Botha owns South Africa's largest collection of Coca-Cola

Hendrik Botha, 61, from Centurion, South Africa, has amassed the almighty assortment of all things Coke inside a purpose built annex in his back garden.

Cola-mad Hendrik, otherwise known as ‘Oupa Coke’ - meaning Grandpa - to his friends and family, began his collection in 1995 after installing a bar in his home.

Hendrik has built a backyard annex to store all of his memorabilia

He said: “I wake up with Coke and I go to bed with Coke.

“Not everyone understands it – they will call you crazy and obsessed - but I would say it was a passion rather than an obsession.

He started his collection in 1995

“I drink four litres of Coke every day – I don’t drink coffee, so it’s about all I drink.”

Hendrik’s fascination with Coke as a brand developed quickly and he soon found himself going to extreme lengths to collect more memorabilia.

The 61-year-old drinks four litres of Coke every single day

“The most extreme I have gone to find items is digging in a dustbin,” he said.

“Once I drove out to a rock concert at two o’clock in the morning to see what I could find.

Hendrik will often dig in the dustbins to find more cans of Coca-Cola

“I’ve been chased out of shops because they put their cans with the Coke sign facing to the front and it’s not the picture I want to see.

“Yeah, I’ve done some crazy things like that!”

He holds a special 'Coke Christmas' with his family every other year

On alternate years, Hendrik hosts a special Coke Christmas – inviting the community, family and friends to visit his home and feast their eyes upon his vast collection. 

And Hendrik’s wife, Rykie Botha, is also very supportive of his love of Coca Cola.

There are still at least four cans missing from his collection

She said: “I’m proud of him and I share his passion.

“We share each other’s passions.

Hendrik keeps track of which cans he has collected by filling out an excel spreadsheet

“I look for some of the stuff for him – I’ve bought him a few bargains already.

“I’ve got my own Coca-Cola t-shirts and for his 60th birthday, we dressed up all Coca-Cola style.”

He is aware that some people will love his collection and others will think he is crazy

Hendrik keeps an spreadsheet to keep track of which Coke cans he has managed to collect.

He is aware of four cans that are still missing from his compilation – but he is not letting this get him down.

He said: “Some people come over and they take hours to look at it [the collection].

"Some people are fascinated by it and it passes other people by completely.

“Do people get quite aggravated with you? Yes, yes they do.

“But, it’s nice to brag about it.”