By Emma Pearson @emma_pear

SUPER-SLIMMER Katie Williams ditched ten stone and her jealous husband – bagging herself a younger man to go with her new svelte frame

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Videographer / Director: Jon Dean
Producer: Emma Pearson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

Wide load: At her biggest Katie weighed 21 stone

Katie, 35, refused to marry childhood sweetheart, Phil, until she had lost ten stone of her 21 stone bulk.

But after shedding the weight and tying the knot, Phil grew insane with jealousy at the attention his slender wife was receiving.

Feeling frumpy: Katie hated her rolls of fat and struggled with her self esteem

And after just two years of marriage, Katie, from London, called time on the 20 year relationship – and met a young hunk just one month later.

Now Katie has been seeing 23-year-old painter and decorator Jack for six months and says that she has a new lease of life.

New woman: Katie's stomach was reduced to the size of an egg during surgery

The love-struck couple go clubbing every weekend and Jack regularly surprises Katie with flowers and romantic meals.

Katie said: “I put off marrying Phil for so long because I couldn’t bear to be seen bursting out of a huge wedding dress.

Saggy skin: Katie was left with a drooping stomach and breasts after the weight loss op

“It took a boob job, gastric surgery and a tummy tuck to get me down the aisle and I’d put myself through so much to be the perfect bride.

“But I started to get more attention when I was out and Phil became jealous and controlling.

Transformation: But she had the excess skin cut away and a breast uplift to achieve her dream body

“He noticed that men were looking at me. And I kind of started becoming more of his possession than his wife.

“He couldn’t stand my new confidence and would bring me down with cruel comments.”

Blushing bride: Katie wouldn't walk down the aisle until she had shed the extra weight
Cougar: But now she is loved up with toy boy Jack

Now Katie’s young lover has given her confidence a boost and she says she has never felt better about her body.

"Jack makes me feel really sexy and he compliments me constantly,” Katie said.

“He loves every part of me, even the parts that I still hate and I’m very self-conscious about.

“He has helped me overcome them and feel a lot better about myself.

“My kids and the rest of my family have all met Jack and they all get on really well with him.”

Fat pants: Katie's old trousers now swamp her size 10 frame

Katie and Phil, who have two sons together, are now in the process of getting divorced.

But Katie says she has no regrets.

And Jack can't get enough of Katie's hottie body

She said: “I definitely think my marriage ended because of my weight loss but I’m happier than I have been in years and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Jack, from London, says that his relationship with Katie couldn’t be better and that the age gap is irrelevant.

Baggy trousers: Katie's fashion sense has drastically changed since losing weight

He said: “The age between me and Katie doesn’t bother me at all.

"Age is a number and if I can make her happy and if she can make me happy then what’s the problem?

And her new confidence attracted the attention of her young lover

“Everyone stares at Katie, because she is rather good looking. Blokes stare at her as in the street all the time and I notice it, but I like it because she is on my arm and no one else’s.

“I do want to make it work. I make her happy and she makes me happy, so I do see a future for us.”

Committed: The couple are now planning for the future together