By Shannon Lane @Shannonroselane

WHILST some people have art on the walls of their house, Steffen Modrach’s entire house is a work of art

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It is estimated the owner has spent over 100,00 euros on the decorations

Glistening in the sun, the colourful house is made up of thousands of rainbow glass stones, marbles, shining coins and other metallic trinkets.

Steffen even holds tours of his house

Photographer Patrick Pleul visited the unique home in June 2017 to reveal the hidden secrets behind its walls.

No two things are the same on the crazy home

Steffen has baptised his masterpiece Schloss Lilllliput, and it stands in the small village of Naundorf, Brandenburg, 100 kilometres south of Berlin.

Steffen has named his house Schloss Lilllliput, or Lilllliput Castle

The four L’s in the centre of Lilllliput are no typo, as they stand for love, lust, humour and passion - all of which begin with 'L' in German.

The walls contain rainbow glass stones, marbles, shining coins and other metallic trinkets

For over seven years Steffen has been building and shaping his dream home and it now contains many towers and columns, romantic archways and hidden seats.

The facade of Steffen Modrach's (Victor the first) house consists of countless seperate pieces in Naundorf

In this mish-mash of decoration, no two things are the same, and even the windows are different shapes and sizes.

The masterpiece is in the small village of Naundorf, 100 kilometres south of Berlin

Over two million items lie on and around Steffen’s house, and it has been reported the artist has invested around 100,000 euros into his creative abode.